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Rumor Entertainment Cuts Coming


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I honestly don’t which show that is but I don’t like the sound of getting rid of streetmosphere and replacing it with nothing.


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So since no one will go in there because of the lack of live entertainment, we should get rid of more live entertainment across the resort.
What do you mean? They have the 5 minute Nazi show in the First Order area. I feel so immersed, oppressed and depressed all at the same time.

All half jokes aside it was one of the highlights of the day because i could hear Star Wars music


FREEZE! Disneyland Implements Hiring Freeze and Cutbacks
Dusty Sage
July 10, 2019
Things are getting serious at Disneyland where a hiring freeze and budget cuts have just been implemented in response to low summer attendance.
All departments have been asked to cut labor hours and make other cuts as necessary. The park had staffed up for the expected huge crowds for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. When those crowds didn’t appear, Disney unblocked Cast Member admissions and launched discounted pass holder tickets. While those admissions do seem to be successful, it isn’t enough to make up for soft hotel room bookings and short attraction waits.
Guests should expect to see entertainment, custodial, and non-essential labor cuts immediately at the resort.


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Never was a fan of the Red Car Trolley Boy show. Much prefer the other show with the car and the woman singing.
I agree. The girl singer and the jazz band on the Duesenberg is fantastic and perfect.

The Red Car Newsboys show was painful, and I won't miss it. They attract a small crowd and then make eye contact with you so you feel guilty if you try and walk away. The only reason people stick through it is because Mickey Mouse eventually shows up. The actors in that show are soooooo painfully perky and so obviously flamboyant that it just feels smarmy to watch.

That said, this is not a good sign that they are making all these cuts to park amenities and entertainment in the second week of July. The panic must have gotten to crisis levels inside TDA. :oops:

Figments Friend

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This is disappointing to hear, but we heard murmers of this likely happening since attendence is not what TDA was assuming it would be right after 'Galaxy's Edge' opened to the public.
I am never pleased to hear about entertainment cuts, but this move does not surprise me considering how lackluster DLRs summer season has been thus far.

It is incredibly ironic that they have decided to cut live Park entertainment when this is exactly what they need to add to said 'Galaxy's Edge'.

Ironic indeed, and idiotic when one thinks even more about it.

Perhaps if they had kept the originally planned roster of live performers and presentations in that 'galaxy far far away', TDA would not be in the predicament they are in now.


Dr. Hans Reinhardt

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Dsney just shelled out $71.3 billion for Fox, yet DLR management is feeling strained to the point that it can no longer support a handful of modestly talented (and likely poorly compensated) entertainers? I could be wrong, but it's unlikely that DLR attendance and guest spending are so deep in the hole this quarter that the place is in any financial danger. The parks will be packed as usual once the APs are fully unblocked in September.
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