Trip Report DVC, Dinosaurs, Buckets & Booze! Now with added London & Paris! COMPLETE!


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Once at The Contemporary we took a look around the various shops and then decided to head to the bus stop since it was now 9.30am.


The bus stop was SO CROWDED! And there was no Typhoon bus listed. After about ten minutes a CM asked where we were going and said there had been 2 Typhoon buses in the last half hour and no-one had got onto them. He said he would request another, but it may be about 20/25 minutes. Oh well- we people watched the giant crowds (most who were going to Animal Kingdom today it seemed) and then after about 30 minutes our bus arrived.

Unfortunately, today happened to be one of those days where we were seat neighbours with a child whose parents appeared to have lost the will to do anything but stare into space whilst he ran amok…

We had sat at the back of the bus and this 7 or 8 year old boy was jumping between one side of the seats at the back across the aisles to the other. The dad would occasionally sigh and say “sit down whilst the bus is moving” which the boy was taking as a hilarious challenge to do the opposite. I wouldn’t usually care too much about what others are doing but this was riiiiight by us and was becoming really irritating especially as the boy was also loudly and constantly narrating these switches from seats to seats about how he was a spaceman/cowboy/alien along with spaceship and “laser” noises. When the Dad asked him to “press his off button” the boy pulled up his shirt and in slow-motion with a loud beep noise he would press his belly button and say “it’s not working!”

Now in hindsight this actually sounds funny, but this kid just had one of those voices which was getting right under our skin- and then when we were at the Grand Floridian we got stuck in a queue behind another bus! Ours couldn’t pull into the bus stop or open the doors for guests, but had to wait whilst they sorted out two scooters and some kind of family discussion/hold up with these scooters. We were stuck for 15 minutes! The bus cheered when we were finally able to pull into the Grand Floridian station.

We eventually got to Typhoon Lagoon which wasn’t too bad; we just both needed a drink after 30 minutes with that kid! I know why his Dad was staring into the distance most of the time (and his Mum and brother had sat at the front of the bus the whole time!) In retrospect we should have just got the bus from Wilderness Lodge, but oh well!

We entered the park and found ourselves two sun loungers in a little nook right near the front of the wave pool. Time for some lazy river floating to unwind!





Once we’d done a loop we decided we fancied an early lunch and some drinks. We had the dining plan now for our Animal Kingdom stay and the front desk at Wilderness Lodge had checked us in so we could use it.



Chicken Nuggets and a Cuban Burger it was- with a beer and a frozen cocktail that I can’t remember the name of now! The nuggets were tasty as they were what I fancied at that moment- the burger was meh however and basically was just a plain burger with some ham and a slice of cheese.

After an early lunch we headed back into the wave pool- my favourite bit! I had one of those pouches for your phone this trip that makes it waterproof and it actually worked! I spent some time filming the waves and then went right to the front to film it, I thought I had the perfect video until I checked later and realised I’d pressed stop when the wave started and so only had 2 seconds of it all. Ahhh well.


From here we decided to sunbathe for a while and take in the wonderful heat! Much better than grey old England! We really did have great weather this trip- I think we had rain for ten minutes on just one day this trip. I’ve never been when it’s been so dry! It got a little more humid towards the end of our trip, but I still prefer the heat over the grey sky here any day!

I’d been in contact with Alisa this morning as she was going to be meeting us and joining us at AKL for 2 nights- we were trying to coordinate where to meet. It looked like she would be arriving at about 3pm so we decided to have one more swim and another sunbathe (we planned to come back another day for all the slides- spoiler alert, we didn’t!) and head out to Disney Springs via Old Key West or Saratoga Springs, whichever bus turned up first.


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Old Key West was the winner! We’d never actually visited OKW and the lobby/boat transportation before, so this was actually a plus as I wanted to see what it was like since we could use our points here. We were impressed! Very pretty with a nice chilled vibe. I definitely want to book a stay here; especially with the boats to Disney Springs and that it’s one of the cheaper places to stay points wise! We didn’t wait too long for a boat and took the leisurely ride to the Springs.





We got off the boat near Jock Lindsey’s and Paridiso and Russ remembered there was a S’mores Old Fashioned as a seasonal drink on offer so he wanted to go into Paradiso and get one. I’ve never actually been in here before and we sat at the bar- it was quite pretty! When we sat down the bartender mentioned there was a happy hour- and Russ spotted one of those margaritas with a beer in it and decided on one of those instead to start with. I had a plain $5 margarita.



After these we saw that Alisa was about 30 mins away- I actually fancied some fresh air and didn’t fancy anymore of the drinks on offer- and Russ didn’t feel like his Old Fashioned now that he had had the Coronita (he said he’d get it another time- of course we never went back!) so we opted to go for a little wonder around the shops before heading to Wine Bar George so I could reunite with my Disney Twin!

I’ve never ridden the balloon but I love looking at i


A little window shopping later and it was time... @dclfan was here! We were reunited! It was like 11 months hadn’t passed at all.



Alisa is the only one who actually drank wine at Wine Bar George, Russ had whiskey & a stout and I had two of these, Wake-up Call cocktails. Pretty and delicious!


More cheers for round two!

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I’ve realised that we didn’t actually take a photo of all 3 of us at this point, just multiple selfies in
portrait mode (portrait mode is life!) of me and Alisa. Sorry Russ! We were being a little silly so I’ll spare you the majority! It turns out ironic pouty selfie is still just pouty selfie :rolleyes::p




We must of spent an hour or so at Wine Bar George drinking and catching up.

After this I checked my emails and had saw I had a room ready message- hurrah! Well, it was 4pm now. So off we went to check into AKL!

Kidani Village Lobby:


We bypassed check-in since we already had magicbands (we had more to collect, but could do that later) and started to make our way down to our room. Which was basically about 5 miles away. Omg! We were right at the end of one of the Kidani Village hallways and it seemed to take forever! It wasn’t actually too bad, but every time we went to our room I was sure it was the next corner… nope it kept on going and going…


So after we had walked the AKL marathon and collected our medals, we reached our room- which was a Savannah View Studio!






No giraffes yet, but some Zebras, which led to a discussion about Zeedonks- which are a real thing! We have them at zoos in England, they’re a cross between a Zebra and a Donkey and have stripy legs, but Alisa still doesn’t believe me!

Anyway, Zeedonk debate over, Russ decided he would do some of our washing and then come and meet Alisa and me later on over at Jambo House at the Victoria Falls bar.


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Jambo Lobby!


At the bar Alisa had a glass of wine (I know nothing about wine so all I can tell you was that it was red) and I went with a cocktail- I didn’t take photo so I’m not sure which! We also ordered the cheese dip which I did take a photo of because, well, cheese (And which actually would later turn out to be a mistake for me with a Sanaa reservation coming up!)



We talked and drank and after about an hour Russ came and joined us. After another round of drinks we decided to go for a wander around the grounds as it was still over an hour until our Sanaa reservation. We had a look around for a while and then had quite a funny moment when Russ thought he spotted one of the warthog type animals curled up asleep- which to be fair did look a tiny bit like it- however it also looked like one of the palm tree leaves curled and dried up! We went back and forth for 5 minutes until a CM passed by and ended the debate by laughing quite hard as it was in fact a leaf- and the animal Russ thought it was would have been 3 times the size!




I can’t remember all of our conversations here, but I know we were in hysterics for quite a lot of them! It was a really nice evening so far just catching up and being silly, feeling like we’d seen each other only yesterday rather than last year!

This was also when Alisa took photos of me and Russ that somehow in one of them I pulled this face! I have no idea why or how (and there were nicer ones!) but as we were a little tipsy and in a silly mood anyway this had us in hysterics and was referred back to many a time of the trip! We called it my “melty face” to be watched out for in too much heat or at crowded times and waiting in line... :hilarious::hilarious:



From here we decided to wonder back over to Kidani Village, still early for our reservation but we thought perhaps they may let us in early.

Now what happened on the way back will help explain the final unexplained trip report heading! Earlier this evening Alisa and I were talking about Jurassic Park- I’m not sure how it started but we both were talking about how we LOVE Jurassic Park. Of course, as this happens all the time in that we end up loving the same things without even realising. Alisa then spoke about when a Jurassic Park themed jeep passed her once on the highway and how cool it was. And as we were walking back to Kidani… look what was parked and we spotted!! How random!


This was the beginning of a very bizarre amount of Dinosaur or Jurassic Park related things that began happening throughout each day.
Along with the Jurassic theme tune getting stuck in our heads the ENTIRE trip (but this may also have been because Alisa and I kept singing it every 5 minutes and changed the words to “I’m a Dinosaur, We are Dinosaurs”. We are both now officially Twinosaurs and are still seeing dino related things everywhere.

Of course we needed a photo shoot with the car!




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After our excitement had died down (and Russ’ patience was up) we continued our walk over to Kidani Village and made our way into Sanaa, about an hour early. We asked if we could be seated early and then went to the bar with a pager. We got a round of drinks and chatted away. Hello us in the mirror!


I didn’t take photos of our drinks except the one portrait mode photo Russ let me take of him, but Alisa has wine, I had a cocktail and russ had his favourite- a Smoked Turkey! Unfortunately it seemed the Smoked Turkeys are now pre-mixed, Russ didn’t find a good one this trip!


After about 30 minutes we asked if we could eat at the bar instead of waiting another 30 minutes to be sat and they were happy to accommodate us. We ordered the breads to start with. Delicious!


It was about this time I realised that I was uncomfortably full- I’m not sure why (well, the cheese dip at Victoria Falls probably didn’t help!) but usually that wouldn’t stop me from enjoying a meal. Anyway, I decided not to order an entrée and let Alisa use our dining credit, instead opting to just enjoy the rest of the bread service and having a taste of Russ’ entrée when it arrived. I forget what they had... and didn’t take photos doh! They both enjoyed the dishes though and I think it was the one that’s a “journey” so a few small curry dishes.

It hadn’t quite clicked with me that of course, Sanaa is curry dishes- something we’re very familiar with in England, and we have curry houses everywhere! Russ enjoyed his entrée and I thought it tasted nice when I tried. It just wasn’t the hugely different tasting experience I had pictured originally.

Meal complete we decided to head back to the room for more drinks and to relax for the rest of the evening. We spent several hours talking and laughing and watching random Youtube videos, some of which had us in hysterics at times and we were just in a really silly mood all evening. It was really fun to catch up and just hang out. Before we knew it, it was past midnight and it was time to get some sleep as Alisa and I had early plans!

Coming up next… the Best. Twin Day. Ever!


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Alisa told me your trip was going to overlap with ours for a couple of days... but it didn't quite register! We were there Sept 14-24th... and we ran into Alisa on the 18th. Sorry we didn't get to meet up!


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Welcome Home!!! I am loving your TR! Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for reading! Glad you are enjoying! I’m loving writing, I don’t want it to end now even writing it lol.

Alisa told me your trip was going to overlap with ours for a couple of days... but it didn't quite register! We were there Sept 14-24th... and we ran into Alisa on the 18th. Sorry we didn't get to meet up!
Ah yes I couldn’t quite keep track of all the meet ups and I didn’t actually get on the boards too much before the trip. No worries though I’m sure there’ll be many more trips!


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Loving your report so far! I have to say I got worried in the beginning before you mentioned your twin! I was afraid you’d had a falling out or something!! I’ve really enjoyed following your friendship and I’m glad to see you’re back together for part of this trip!

Oh bother!

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So off to the park exit we went. They were handing out bottles of drink and boxes of popcorn as we left, so we grabbed a bunch to take with us along with ice creams to eat on our way out.

View attachment 420906

View attachment 420907

For some reason they had moved all the bus stops around from where we had been told to go- and buses were visiting more than one resort- so we had a little wait to get back, but it wasn’t too bad. I think we made it back around midnight and wound down in the room before falling swiftly to sleep.

So that was day 2! Coming up next, a move to another resort! And a special guest arrives…
Great photos of the after hours. We have this booked for our December trip and I’m really looking forward to seeing Pandora by night when it’s empty and we can really enjoy the little details


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Loving your report so far! I have to say I got worried in the beginning before you mentioned your twin! I was afraid you’d had a falling out or something!! I’ve really enjoyed following your friendship and I’m glad to see you’re back together for part of this trip!
That’s so sweet, thank you! Sorry I kept you hanging lol! Of course my Disney twin would be there 😊 Thanks again for following long (on all the journeys!)


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Great photos of the after hours. We have this booked for our December trip and I’m really looking forward to seeing Pandora by night when it’s empty and we can really enjoy the little details
Thanks! And enjoy in December! It really is fun- Pandora is so quiet it’s great- especially if you are awake enough! :joyfull: We’d definitely go again.
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