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Drunkest Day at Disney


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How hammered have you been at Disney? I mean we have heard worst day, bad guests, bad cm’s Let’s round out the equation.


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Inb4 the lock!

The most intoxicated I've been on Disney World property was after 3 bottles of wine at Paddlefish two years ago. Otherwise, I don't partake in much drinking at the World when I can go up to SeaWorld and drink for much cheaper ;)


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Tried to drink (beer) around the world. Started at Canada, then GB, France (a little stronger than I expected), got to Germany and when into eat. Ordered a stein and that was it. After lunch I told the DW to shop while I just sat for about an hour.


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I never really can drink in Florida. It gets too hot!

BUT, on this one occasion, I splurged on some Tequila at San Angel Inn...

Had to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour afterwards to try and shake off the "I drank that drink waaaayy too fast" feeling because I sure couldn't walk afterwards. DH had to help guide me to the boat.

That was probably the drunkest I have been at Disney.


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Don’t like to drink hard during the day...afraid I’ll miss things. Drink to get a level 3-4 buzz only.

That being said...last April trip..had a few too many beers at the end of the day...felt bad the next morning...threw some stuff on a breakfast plate, and even IT looked bad
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Made me think of the 'Nope' aliens from Sesame Street!


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At Disney prices... I've been buzzed. Drunk? No.

Their park slushies are beyond "watered down" (like those in New Orleans). You'd explode from drinking enough of them to feel it. 🤮


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Never. not what I would call "hammered" although I may have built up a high tolerance ;)

First of all, if I'm with my kids I really don't want to be tore up. kinda antithesis to a family trip. Next, I can't image the bar tab that would be. yikes.


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I guess since I haven't been "banned" from Disney.....couldn't have been all that bad. I'm in the "Comfortably Numb" group. Don't think I've ever been in the "blackout, stumbling, slurring, falling down, need to be carried, call maintenance to clean up this mess - group" - (Well, at least not at Disney I haven't)
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