Dragon animatronic at Animal Kingdom


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I thought the suits of armor were gruesome in a humorous way.

I sort of remember a dragon too (and I was a lot older!)
but it's extremely likely that it was something in a model or a drawing from the preview center.


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Here's the Concept art of the Dragon & the cave...

And Here's the Cave sans the Dragon but with FIRE!!

The only Animatronic that was on the Boat tour was the Iguanadon that you "Saved" on Dinosaur who went to the Lake and was splashing around..


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Yeah...it's funny how many times I've been to AK since then and never thought about it. I'd love for them to maybe revisit the idea of a Beastly Kingdom since they obviously haven't forgotten about it.

I've suggested in another thread that a simple thing would be to bring back the Discovery River Boats and have a mini-Beastly Kingdomme part on the ride -- restore the fire/cave, add an AA dragon (or even just a tail or head poking out somewhere), maybe have a separate unicorn somewhere. Other parts of the boat ride can have other riverside effects. The infrastructure for the boat ride all there, it's just a matter of plussing it which would be cheaper than a brand new attraction and would add capacity to the park in a short amount of time.


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That Iguanadon was a good addition to the story of AK, whatever happened to it? Is it still rotting in the water? I always thought it should have been moved nearby Dinosaur, I don't know, build a pond or something?

Sadly he is now for some odd reason at Disney Studios Paris on the Backlot Tour scrapped of his skin..And rots in the sun..or rain...or whatever they get...

Here's 2 more pictures of the Iguanadon by the river I found..


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Awwww! I wished I could have gone on the river boats! When I watched the video of it and it got to the dragon part, it was so cool that I sat in my chair with my mouth open. Then when I saw the dragon rock at AK, it was SO awesome! I was waiting for the cave to shoot out fire, but my parents kept telling me it wouldn't anymore. It made me sad that Beastly Kingdom wasn't built for the rest of the time I was in AK. :(


Mostly because it wasn't really a ride.
It was meant as transportation, with some show along the way. Like the railroad at MK.

Sadly, DAK was (and is) so lacking in actual rides, people were lining up and waiting for extended periods of time to ride a boat halfway around AK, and not getting any real "entertainment" out if it.

There were complaints...so they killed it.

Simple as that.

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