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Does POFQ ever get the FDP?


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Booking a trip for sept. 2015 and we want to stay at POFQ but I also would like free dining, is it ever offered at this resort?


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Yes it is usually included. Most resorts are its just some do not have as many rooms available for that deal and they can book really fast. Like sometimes all in one day at one particular resort. You would need to book preferably the day the offers are announced. :)


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yes! in 2012 and 2013 (September) we booked POFQ with free dining.. for 2014 we booked a bounceback that included free dining at port Orleans, which we were glad since it wasn't included!

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My guess it would depend on how many rooms are booked there at the time they plan to announce a free dining plan (IF they announce a free dining plan).


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Not really, it's usually excluded from the general offer BUT they release a lot of pins for the hotel.


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POFQ tends to be a more popular location. So they often have less rooms eligible, or a smaller discount than other properties do. The discounts are done based on desired occupancy. Since people want to stay there, if they want 80 room books, and have 79, they may take their chances, or just offer a 5% discount. POR might be down at 70 bookings, so they offer 15% to hit their target.

How do you get a PIN? I have never heard of them?

Sheer luck. Some people think that signing up for every mailing Disney offers helps by getting your name on their mailing lists. Other people seem to have luck by pricing out and then "saving" a vacation on the website, but not actually booking it. Others prefer to sacrifice 3 copies of Chicken Little on DVD and a Stitch plush to try to get a PIN code.

Basically it is a targeted discount. Like in my POFQ example above, if they only have one or two rooms to fill, they may not choose to offer a public discount. Instead, they select people and mail then a specific discount good for those dates at the resorts they need to fill.


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It was Excluded from the 2014 Fall Free Dining! They are cutting back with POFQ more and more because they have no problems selling rooms there. Riverside is A LOT bigger and they even excluded that from FD also. Looks like they are excluding POFQ from the general public offers for free dining and not the pin codes that get sent out. We got lucky this year and received a Pin for Free Dining and we were able to book POFQ.

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