Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

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Its telling right. Especially when they had a new season of Stranger Things drop you think you would see an increase in sub count

Stranger Things dropped in Q3..

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Has anyone heard of the development of a Disney+ app for cable providers, Xbox, Playstation and the like?


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Has anyone heard of the development of a Disney+ app for cable providers, Xbox, Playstation and the like?

I would be surprised if there wasn't an app, most major streaming sites seem to have them. Not sure about cable providers, but I would imagine for smart TV/Roku/Fire Stick/etc. there will be one (?) At least I hope so.


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I'm sure a Playstaion 4 app was already confirmed and that an Xbox one was being worked on. Roku, AppleTV and Fire sticks were confirmed.

This app will be on every device possible like Netflix

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Preview page:

  • $7/mo ad free ($70 for the year, which is $5.83/mo)
  • will be "likely bundled" with a price discount with Hulu and/or ESPN+, but no pricing announced yet (contracts with Hulu's partners needs to be ironed out)

  • It's been announced in the 4th Q 2018 conference call that the new OTT (over the top) streaming service is going to be called: Disney+
    • which should be no surprise since Disney throws the plus sign on many things internet and hi-tech connectedness (FastPass+) much like Apple uses the 'i-' prefix.
  • Disney bought a controlling interest in Bamtech to provide the technological capability to stream over the top (OTT)
    • Bamtech renamed to Disney Streaming Services
    • 60 fps at HD for ESPN+, and will be same for D+
  • Begins Nov 12, 20119 in North America (and Western Europe and Asia within the quarter). Latin America and Eastern Europe a year later.
  • 4K HDR when available for content with that resolution
  • all content downloadable as long as you have a subscription
  • separate interfaces for TV, tablet, and mobile
  • the app is ready to go on Roku and PS4… will be on more
  • after a Disney movie's theatrical release, the same windows of releases (PPV, planes, cable, TV, DVDs) will occur before coming to streamers -- those windows make Disney money
Content Sources
  • basically, any family-friendly content produced by any of the film or TV studios owned by Disney
    • Fox's general audience (i.e., not family friendly content) goes to Hulu
  • note that "LucasFilm" is not being promoted as a brand, but, instead, "Star Wars" is used... wonder how that will affect the Indiana Jones franchise resurrection?
  • Disney is touting big name actors, directors, and producers who will make Original Content for Hulu and D+. They seem to want to get the point that this is not just “TV” which is normally seen as an inferior medium to cinema. (But, that stereotype has already been broken by award winning series and movies made for HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.)
  • It will take about four years for all of Disney and Fox licenses with other parties to expire and come home to roost on D+/Hulu. In the meantime, Disney has been buying out some licenses (probably the ones that had no expiration or automatic renewals).
  • Disney Animation, Disney Studios, Disney Channels, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars (LucasFilm)
  • Fox’s family-friendly content will be on D+
    • all Simpsons episodes
    • Malcolm in the Middle
    • Sound of Music / Hello Dolly
    • new Fox content
      • because of an existing contract with HBO, new family-friendly Fox fare goes through HBO first until 2022
  • Pixar:
    • 18 films immediately available, two will have their license with a third party expire later in the year (Coco leaves Netflix 11/29/2019 and Incredibles 2 leaves Netflix 07/20/2020), and the new one (TS4) will go to D++
    • all the Pixar shorts
    • new Pixar content for D+
      • Forky Asks a Question (ten shorts) - available at launch
      • Bo Peep short, Lamp Life
      • Monsters, Inc series: Monsters at Work
      • documentaries on Pixar
      • SparkShorts - available at launch
  • Marvel
    • on day one: Captain Marvel; Iron Man 1; Iron Man 3; Thor 2
    • in year one: Endgame (~Dec 2019); Iron Man 2; Captain America Winter Soldier; Guardians 1; Thor 3 (~1/6/20); Ant-Man & the Wasp (!7/29/20); Black Panther (~3/4/20); Avengers Infinity War (~6/5/20)
    • the rest of the MCU movies will have to wait until 3rd party licenses expire: GotG2 (~6/5/21)
    • no mention of the Netflix Marvel series (the Defenders) made at the Investors Meeting; may take a year or two for the Defenders' licensing contract to expire
    • New MCU series (all canon and related to Phase 4)
      • Wandavision (Wanda and the Vision)
      • Falcon and Winter Soldier
      • MCU animated "What If" ... Peggy Carter became the super soldier, and if Steve Rogers became Iron Man
      • Loki
      • recently announced Hawkeye series
      • Marvel 616 (unscripted)
      • Marvel's Hero Project (unscripted) - available at launch
  • Star Wars
    • in year 1, 8 films to start with, then 2 more in the first year when their 3rd party license expires (TLJ leaves Netflix 01/26/2020
      Solo leaves Netflix 07/9/2020), then the new Episode 9 [IOW, all of the films available in year one]
    • new Star Wars content for D+ (all canon)
      • The Mandalorian - available at launch
      • spy show based on Cassian Andor (Rogue One prequel)
      • last season of Clone Wars animated series
      • documentaries on SW
  • Disney Studios
    • many of the Disney live movies will be available, but no mention of how much if even all of them
      • Some shown available at Investors' Meeting: Mary Poppins, Treasure Island, 20,000 Leagues, Bednobs and Broomsticks; Parent Trap
    • new Live Action shows produced by Disney Studios for D+
      • Noelle (Santa's daughter saves Christmas!)
      • Timmy Failure (based on book)
      • Stargirl
      • Togo (true life Alaskan story)
      • Lady and the Tramp - available at launch
      • Magic Camp
      • The Imagineering Story - available at launch
      • Encore! - available at launch
  • Disney Animation
    • all the Disney movies (with a few notorious exceptions) are expected to be on D+, even the ones normally in "the vault"
    • no mention of all the old Mickey animated shorts, but, one would expect them to be there, especially since they've been in heavy rotation on the Disney channels, which are giving their library to D+
  • Disney Channel
    • current content
    • Massive library will be made available from day 1
    • 5,000 episodes of Disney Channel and Disney Jr.
    • 100 original movies "D-coms."
    • new content made for D+
      • Phineas & Ferb movie
      • High School Musical the Musical the Series (a musical within a musical within a musical) available at launch
  • NatGeo
    • “the best of our programming will be available on day one” – umm… so not all then?
    • new NatGeo shows made for D+
      • The World According to Jeff Goldblum - available at launch
      • "Magic of the Animal Kingdom" on care for animals and preservation at Epcot's Seabase and DAK
  • DisneyNature
    • nothing has been said or revealed about specific DisneyNature films and where they would wind up on the service, but, it's presumed they'll be there
The other streamers
  • ESPN+
    • $5/mo ($50 for the year, which is $4.15/mo)
    • has limited ads during sporting breaks
    • upcharge pay per views
    • will expand into Latin America
  • Hulu
    • Disney now owns 60%
    • Pricing
      • $6/mo with ads
      • $12/mo ad free
      • $45/mo for live TV (Digital Multichannel Video Programming Distributor, DMVPD)
    • will expand into Europe and worldwide
  • hotstar
    • serves India in 8 Indian languages
    • has one quarter of TV/video market
    • 250 days of live sports (cricket being the top draw)
    • 300M active users
    • available in India, US, & Canada
    • free service with ads or premium subscription

I think it would be cool for Disney to make a show where they search through the Disney archives and it could be a show. It may not bring people to D+ as much as other stuff but it will allow things like canceled movies or Beastly Kingdom to be talked about from Disney. I don’t know any canceled movies but for a episode they could do Beastly Kingdom and talk about why it did not happen and bring the model out as no picture were taken if it and if they do that to some ideas that never happened, it could make some people happy to know about this stuff and learn more behind the scenes and it will make me happy as I want them to officially reveal the unbuilt or unmade


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It makes sense. Along with Family Guy, this is what they need to make Hulu as an attractive proposition as Disney+ for its respective demographic


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No expert said this.
Name me one that said Netflix would see a drop in subscribers? I expect Netflix to be one of the top streaming services but I think Disney can pass them in both in North America and worldwide. I also think Hulu will continue to grow and eventually Hulu with Live TV will compete with Cable TV providers for the television bundle.

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Name me one that said Netflix would see a drop in subscribers? I expect Netflix to be one of the top streaming services but I think Disney can pass them in both in North America and worldwide. I also think Hulu will continue to grow and eventually Hulu with Live TV will compete with Cable TV providers for the television bundle.


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It may be just me, but all I read in that story is why Disney is a better investment. I didn't read that Netflix would lose subscribers. I have been saying the same thing.
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