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Disney's RetroCOT (update on pg. 7)


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You’ll look like a weirdo with a Mickey Cowboy hat in the Real World, but it would work in Disney World.

So just stay in Disney World most of the time. Like I plan to do if I win the lotto. ... It should be happening aaaany day now.

Goofy Ninja

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BBQ is a must for this section. The south does some of the best barbecue in the country.

It can say on the trash barrels “Don’t mess with Texas”.


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A Dog the Bounty Hunter meet in greet would be great. Just kidding... though it would be nice to see him take down some iceheads. His hair would also look great in wig form for the little kiddies… and pets.

Goofy Ninja

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The Space Needle could be a pretty cool spinner ride. But that might take away from what RetroCOT is supposed to be. An appreciation of America and it's states and regions.


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7 Washington DC (Center)

This pavilion will be quite different than the rest, because it will have a resort connected to it. The resort will be White House themed with paintings of various presidents along the hallways and inside rooms. It will give people the opportunity to feel like they are staying in the White House... legally.

More info will be given about it at a later date.
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The 13 pavilions' of RetroCOT would consist of the following. With representation for other states and regions taking place during the food festivals.

1 California (Santa Monica Beach and Pier, LA, San Francisco)
2 Las Vegas
3 Texas
4 Hawaii
5 Alaska
6 Seattle
7 Washington DC (Center)
8 Chicago
9 New York
10 New England
11 Philadelphia
12 New Orleans
13 Florida (Orlando, Miami, Everglades)
My opinion is that Seattle should have some sort of grunge thing. Nirvana and Pearl Jam are two of the most well known rock bands of all time... And New Orleans I could for sure see a Princess and The Frog attraction

The Lochness Monsta

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Yep, people actually were yelling at the Trump animatronic. They may have had way too many adult beverages that day. Those are the type of people who argue with their own reflection.


oogie boogie man

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Hopefully they would have the Mardi Gras elements like flashing girls and drunks passed out in gutters. This way we can feel like we’re in the real New Orleans.

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