Disney's RetroCOT (update on pg. 7)

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Fountains Nation part deux sounds good to me. I wouldn’t care what’s in it either, they could put a giant statue of Bob Chapek’s head if they want to.


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The idea of decades from the 20th century has always piqued by interests. This is the main reason that Pop Century is one of my favorite resorts. Since time travel isn’t actually possible (or is it?) this seems like a nice alternative.


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Ever since I saw Back to the Future when I was a kid I’ve been really interested in the 50’s. Soon after that my passion grew for other decades as well, when I started watching old black and white movies.

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I’d love to see the time specific outfits for the Meet and Greet characters. … And of course the merchandise.

Yep yep homie, there goes my kids college funds. ... Oh well, the youngest one isn’t too bright, he probably won’t need it. There’s a good Carnie/Clown college in the area anyways.

Oooooo he could be the one that guesses the customer’s weights or ages at a fairground. Who knows he could even fall in love with the bearded lady and have dumb carnie kids.


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One of my favorite ideas is to bring back “World of Motions”. It was simply put both Awesome and Tubular. I don’t understand why we usually have to lose something to get something. Like with Frozen and Mission Space. Everything (up until Ratatouille) has consisted of demos or rethemes of old attractions.

It would be awesome to see “World of Motions” again. Plus it fits perfectly with the theming of “Time”, which is a main focus for the Retrocot park.

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I remember being a snotnosed kid and loving it. WoM and Horizons were what personified Epcot. But I guess they couldn’t sell enough merchandise with them so it went the way of the dodo and Comedian Carrot Top.

Everything seems like it has to IP related or it won’t get an attraction. They even keep trying to make their classics IP related (Pirates, Jungle, Haunted).


itsy bitsy spider

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It seems like a great equivalent to Epcot’s Spaceship Earth. At least that hasn’t been done in with by the IP era (error). ... At least not yet. Coming soon to a theater near you "Spaceship Earth starring The Rock and Kevin Hart."


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The 13 pavilions' of RetroCOT would consist of the following. With representation for other states and regions taking place during the food festivals.

1 California (Santa Monica Beach and Pier, LA, San Francisco)
2 Las Vegas
3 Texas
4 Hawaii
5 Alaska
6 Seattle
7 Washington DC (Center)
8 Chicago
9 New York
10 New England
11 Philadelphia
12 New Orleans
13 Florida (Orlando, Miami, Everglades)
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It seems too perfect to pass up. I don’t care if it was simply “This was Walt’s toilet while he was living in California. On it he came up with the idea for Mickey.”

oogie boogie man

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I’ll never go to California because of the size of the Disneyland resort, it’s so little. The biased dl people call it quaint, but that’s just another word for little.

Snow Queen 83

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As long as the castmembers aren’t pressuring people to eat avocados and be vegan. I can picture them smushing it in my mouth like that scene on The Grinch.


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