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News Disney's Hollywood Studios to mark its 30th year with new logo


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Any pictures of the Muppets designs?
I always forget what sites we can and can’t mention on here lol so here are some pics from Twitter...


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Well, If you are going to be a comic, you need to give some indication of that. However, my last paragraph I thought was self explanatory and also fairly loose and comical. So I guess we are even. I wouldn't have a problem with it if they named the place "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too". So I guess we cannot be the judge of our own comic ability and should use some type of emoticon to convey what we can't hear in our voices. :):happy::joyfull:
Let it go.

Walt d

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It's probably going to look like another Disney Spring's restaurant/store logo. We seem to be stuck in an Art Deco 1930s era font and architecture. I love Art Deco, but they have gone a bit overboard with it.
Love art deco i wish there had been more, hats off to the french” there going to name this a star wars name soon any way. Sad for sure..


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I wish they would change the name next May instead. I know it's unnecessary, but the studio aspect is gone. They could have either done a major change or just a minor one like "Disney's Hollywood Adventure".

Movie making studio has been long gone since produciton in Florida as we know and you know faded decades ago. But, the love letter to movie making and stepping into IPs is still asthetically there.

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