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News Disney's Animal Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports


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A bit more crowded today than two weeks ago tomorrow. No more walk on FoP with short cut re-rides. Although that was fun, I was happy to see more people there today. The crowd from two weeks ago was not remotely sustainable from a business perspective. Today there were at least enough people to notice people buying food and drinks (and banshees) in the park.

99.99% mask compliance and 99.9999% queue distancing compliance.
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Dino-Rama boardwalk games to reopen at Disney's Animal Kingdom


I'm sure this was at the top of everyone's list of things they were happy to have their kids bug them about while at Animal Kingdom!

For me, the priority was a tossup between this and People Mover. Clearly, they made the right choice!.. :rolleyes:
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No, no word. If you're planning a trip and want Rat to be open, all I can really suggest is planning a trip for next year at the earliest. Rat could be ready to go within a couple months but delays/closures are always a possibility.
This was a joke making fun of the impact that the Fossil Fun Games will have on the guest experience. It's always great when you have to explain jokes.

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