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Trip Report Disneymoon aka the trip of ROLLER COASTERS!

Discussion in 'WDW Trip Reports' started by LMSB, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. LMSB

    LMSB Well-Known Member Original Poster

    Jun 12, 2017
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    DAY 6
    Tuesday 10/31/17

    Happy Halloween! I thought it was really cool that we got to spend a holiday in Disney :) We went about our morning routines and I had Roland snap a pic of me in my 'costume'
    My shirt says 'Happy Un-birthday' Can you guess who I am?;)
    We headed over to the food court for breakfast, then headed out to the bus stop. Our destination for that morning: AK!
    I am the Mad Hatter, and this is my mad husband:D:D
    Soon we arrived:
    It was beautiful out- nice & cool, but not cold like the past few mornings had been. I checked the app and saw that Dinosaur was a 5 minute wait so we headed towards Dinoland.
    We walked right on and soon we were at the loading dock:
    As always, I screamed like crazy as we raced to save our dino- and Roland laughed at me:D It was a good ride to start the day!
    Up next was our FP for EE so we headed off to Asia
    IMG_6727.JPG IMG_6732.JPG
  2. LMSB

    LMSB Well-Known Member Original Poster

    Jun 12, 2017
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    DAY 6 cont'd
    We did our EE routine- single rider, then FP!
    Decided to take a quick rest:
    It was exhausting chasing after that Yeti!!

    Like my trip report says, this was the trip of roller coasters! Our coaster count was at:
    Space Mountain- 3
    BTMR- 1
    RnRC- 3
    7DMT- 1
    EE- 5

    Roland had to make a phone call to our realtor, so I grabbed a Mickey pop & Facetimed with my sister
    We finished our calls and continued on. We watched these two guys for a good 20 minutes- they were very active and drew quite a large crowd:
    Kali River Rapids was a walk on- it was still pretty cool out! We contemplated riding, but decided not to risk getting soaked and opted to walk through Maharajah Jungle Trek. There weren't many animals out but it was a nice, peaceful walk. I spotted this & loved it:
    We stopped for some Photo Pass pics too
    We emerged, and it was time to use our FP for Festival of the Lion King!
  3. LMSB

    LMSB Well-Known Member Original Poster

    Jun 12, 2017
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    On to FOTL!
    We joined the FP queue and soon we were in the theater. We sat in the section facing the entrance/exit in the farthest right hand corner- they were great seats! We were the 'lion' section:) I just love this show- the music, the stunts, it's all just amazing.
    After the show we decided to take a break & head to one of the resorts for lunch. AK was starting to get crowded & congested again:confused: I took this on our way out of Africa:
    We wanted to go to a resort we hadn't yet been at, and Roland suggested The Boardwalk so off we went! We hopped on a bus & soon arrived. We were pretty hungry at this point so we headed right out onto the boardwalk & decided to eat at Big River Grille. We sat outside with a beautiful view of the Yacht & Beach Clubs. I ordered the chicken quesadilla & Roland had the fish tacos- they were both very good! Our server was from New Jersey so we had fun chatting about our home state with her. After we ate, we checked out The Screen Door General Store and walked the boardwalk- it was practically deserted!! That afternoon was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip:)We just enjoyed the peace & quiet before getting on a boat over to HS.
    Next up was our afternoon & evening at the studios!

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