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News Disneyland to give Snow White’s Scary Adventures dark ride a major facelift in 2020


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I’m thinking you could look into someone’s eyes and guess their interest (or not). Then move slowly toward them and await a response in turn. Sometimes words don’t do the moment justice. But hey, I’ve always been a romantic, old school gentleman. 😊

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From the stupid article in question:

The new grand finale of Snow White's Enchanted Wish is the moment when the Prince finds Snow White asleep under the Evil Queen's spell and gives her "true love's kiss" to release her from the enchantment.

No. The Prince doesn't find her asleep. He didn't sneak into her bedroom. He finds her presumed dead on a funeral bier, on which she has been for a year.

End of story. This opinion piece is based on a falsehood.

Yes, exactly. Phew! I've been reading all these pages waiting for someone to spell this out. Thank you.

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If I ever have kids, particularly son, I will teach them to ask any person they are interested in if they may kiss them, even if they feel like the other person wants it. That's not "loser" behavior, that's respect. It's behavior that some of us find very appealing and welcoming.
Huh? I absolutely am respectful. I used to be all the things I mentioned, shy, not confident, nervous.

If you care about the other person you need to show it. I'm sorry but I'm not saying someone should be aggressive, but they should know when to hold hands or when it's the right moment to kiss. It doesn't make you disrespectful.

A lot of women (not saying ALL, but a lot) feel they are unwanted if a man doesn't try to kiss them after having a number of dates.

If anything I was too slow to make this move (according to my wife), and that's because I was so worried about ruining things in case it wasnt the right time.

Sometimes you just have to read the moment you're in for what the next step is.

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Hmmm.... Well, I guess I married a "loser". And for the record, that question was about 30 years ago, so he wasn't worried about "cancel culture". I didn't think he was a loser. I thought it was sweet.

Life is not black and white.
Sorry I was too aggressive in my wording, and that is really sweet and sounds like a very considerate guy 🙂. I was heated from this discussion and should've not worded it the way I did. Doesn't make someone a loser and everyone is different.

Hope you don't think I go around just smooching random women, that's not me at all.

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5$ this dude has very little to no dating experience and the post you responded to makes it crystal clear. It’s Iike when my wife’s friend who had never been in a relationship tried giving my wife relationship advice when we were dating years ago. Sweet girl, a mutual friend and she meant well but No.
That's so funny she had no experience but decided to butt in.

It takes a lot of guts and courage to make a move on someone you like, it's a lot to balance as you don't want to ruin things but you also want to show them you are serious about them.


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Just out of curiosity, do we know who provides the safety spiel? It used to be the Witch, I believe, but now it's a male, but slightly high-pitched voice. I'm assuming it's one of the dwarfs, possibly Doc.


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In the Parks


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I've always felt bad for the Prince. He's obviously a necrophiliac. One day, out in the middle of the woods, he sees the hottest dead girl and is like "score!" But just as soon as he gets started, she comes back from the dead. Then this poor guy has to play it off and marry her despite the fact he's not attracted to living women.


The world is definitely going down to swany.

Just let Snow White die - a happy ending for everyone.

Personally, the cancel culture is getting beyond now, you really could knick pick and get to cancel everything ever created if you dive deep enough.

There's no mention of Snow White breaking and entering and kissing grumpy without consent. why? because Its all nonsense.

Do kids really look at that scene and go 'that's not ok'? Its the parents responsilbity to bring their sons and daughters up in a proper and respectful way regarding the opposite sex. To indicate that its movie's like Snow White are the cause for such things is laughable

The only way out of this cancel culture is to not actually cancel anything but to educate.


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Just watched a POV of Paris's Snow White, I didn't know it's pretty much a 100% clone of the Scary Adventures version. So the ride still exists there. Tokyo by contrast is like a mix between the original WDW version (the "snuff film" one) and Scary Adventures.

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