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Disneyland Paris news 2019


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May 3rd reopening for Phantom Manor.


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I think that’s it’s for news tonight.

Merch team didn’t deliver anything ground breaking. The Simba by Orlinski is the star of that show.


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It's probably done before but I made a very very quick overlay of the map with some aerials of SW:GE in DL. Orange = the big building planned for SW in Paris, blue = RotR in DL, red = very messy overview of GE in DL. Like I said, this was done quickly. I used Google Maps, some aerials, the image you posted for Paris and the measurement tools in Google Maps so it's not really accurate but the overall image should be correct.

View attachment 363433
It's not to scale.


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I went and got some construction shots today

WDS expansion - looks to be the Frozen element?
South bus station
Marvel land


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