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Disney YouTube channels!


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I'm looking for some channels that are more deep-dives or critique. Most of the channels that pop up on my feed are glorified commercials and it's hard to find ones that are similarly polished but also more objective.


I dabbled a bit in video editing in high school, and decided I want to document my daughters life as she grows up through videos. What I found was that I actually enjoy the entire process, originally it was for my family and I to be able to go back and watch these videos for years to come, but I'd like some feedback on them from others as well. It's mostly just b-roll, but I want to get into a more "vloggy" style in the future.


Poseidon Quest

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Well, this is quite late to the thread but I recently just started a YouTube channel that discusses Disney through video essays.

My premier video can be found at this link here if anyone is interested:


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I've been vlogging for five years at Disneyland and host a channel The Lost Boys & Girls where we celebrate friendship, inclusion, the young at heart and magic! Also, our channel combines 2D animation with live action vlogging with an original character named Marceline. Feel free to check out our channel here!

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