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What I'd like to see more of is 'the making of' documentaries and history of the parks. I'm always checking on the TV listings for that sort of thing but there's never anything on. There is a few on Youtube but usually for extinct attractions.

Anyone found a half-hour/hour long documentary on the history of one of the parks or something?


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So ... Mine is kinda meh .. I am working on getting more videos up. I have allot, but most un edited raw stuff. Also, I'm getting over being camera shy .. so more to come with hopefully some vlogs. Going over thanksgiving, so will have more!



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Hey guys, new to the message boards. My wife and i just vlogged a 2 week adventure to disney if anyones interested in checking it out. We had such a great time. Heres the first of 18 vlogs. Enjoy! :)


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Here's my latest one. While I live in Orlando and an annual pass holder, I enjoy making videos from other parks. Had a great summer trip to Tokyo and here' s Disney Sea.


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