News Disney World's Magic Kingdom is experiencing widescale attraction closures this morning due to a bear


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"Well, folks, we're one bear short for our show today.

Big Al will sing in place of Wendell... "


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Rough morning to be at MK:
120: 7D
110: Peter Pan
100: Space
85: Buzz
65: Pooh, Meet Cindy, Meet Mickey
60: Astro Orbiter, Meet Tiana,
50: Dumbo
45: Barnstormer, Belle, Tea Party, Pete's, Speedway
40: Small world, Laugh Floor, Mermaid
25: Philharmagic, Carrousel.

Kinda surprised HM isn't open, seems like you could open it from small world/Pan side.

Edit: Also seems like if the bear is on Tom Sawyer Island, Adventureland could possibly open too.
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