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Announcement Disney World Dining and FastPass+ Reservation Calculator


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It no worky worky on firefox as far as I can tell.

Worked fine on Microsoft Edge though.

I wouldn't give Chrome the time of day...
working fine on Firefox 49.0.1 at this end. Are you still having problems?


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working fine on Firefox 49.0.1 at this end. Are you still having problems?
No, but I must have some javascripting disabled or something. When I click on the date box nothing comes up. It allows me to enter a date, but no calendar popup to select. Then if I just enter a date, it doesn't do anything (maybe wrong date format). I whole-heartedly believe it's my fault.

I am Timmy

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Awesome!! This tool will be so handy! Thank you so much!
I am still using it obsessively - just came upon my dining res. on June 13th that I had been watching for almost 6 mo! Up at the crack of dawn (3 am for me) four days in a row (1st time for first 10 days, then one each for the rest of my vac. days) and got all the dining I wanted!! All because I knew exactly when to do it (because I checked at least 150 times prior to make sure). This calculator is the best! And I'm gonna do it again for my fast passes! See, I have that to check on repeatedly until October, in case I forget, or think it was an illusion. This really helps to constantly feel like you have something to look forward to. Thanks WDWMagic!

JillC LI

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I was just playing with this and I noticed that it tells me I can make my ADRS starting at 7am. You might want to update this to say 7am by phone but 6am online.
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