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News Disney World Cast Members being recalled to work as Disney prepares to boost capacity for the summer


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I’m looking at it from the labor side. Housekeeping was never in demand anyway…it certainly isn’t going to be something people seek out when for the first time in about 50 years the workers are more in demand
You are obviously correct, or they wouldn't have to offer such a hiring bonus.


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Bonus are gone the next morning…raises are forever

To what?

It’s cute that you believe that’s what any of them want to do….

But those places don’t demand full time, primary work commitment as Disney does almost as a
Standard term of employment

Part of the appeal of working for Disney was access to the product. It was never a lot gaining fortune and glory.
Exactly, without the perks of working there it really becomes just another job. I could work a lot of other places for similar money closer to home with less hassle but I chose Disney so that I could go to the parks and take my family (even if it was only 16 times a year with blackouts). This past year has really made me start making plans to move on from the company. It's just becoming a lot of hassle and stress for not much benefit to me and my family. I'd really like to work somewhere that values me as the hard working and dedicated employee that I am.

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