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Disney Tiny Town Ornament collection


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I need help, how many buildings/ornaments has Disney Released under this line? I became aware of this line from the “disney” blog we don’t mention here, but I became a fan of it too late. I have the Haunted Mansion WDW, Small World, what others are there? I was like yeah for sure I can’t wait too see the Tower of Terror Ornament in the future and too my horror they released it early November and didn’t know, now I’m on the hunt for it but Shopdisney has no way of searching them unless I do an outside google search.

Which makes me wonder, how many have they released so far and how old is the line? I’m a huge fan, i love the front facade and the ride or show in the back and the fact you can remove the tree lanyard so you can display it!! Thank you so much.


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We were late to get started too! Luckily we found six in the parks around Christmas and have been hunting online for the rest.

Ornaments in the collection: Haunted Mansion Disneyland and WDW (2), Tower of Terror (1), Toon Town Mickey and Minnie (2), Tiki Room (1), Country Bears (1), Firehouse (1), Cinema (1), Small World (1), Sleeping Beauty Castle (1) and Cinderella Castle (1).

There is an Epcot one for the Germany Pavilion that I believe is part of the same collection as well (at least it appears that way).

Hope this helps and happy hunting!!

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