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Disney tattoos


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I just got this one done last night. Who else has some ink


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I got some done in Oct; it's supposed to be my version of "peace, love, & happiness" with Figment imagery (horns and wings, even if the wings aren't colored right), the logo of my favorite band, and mickey outline. Presented in 2 pictures b/c it's been hard to get them all in 1 b/c the way it wraps around.


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I have 4.
My newest one is actually a cover up and still needs to be colored and that was supposed to happen when the world went crazy.
My artist has not started back up yet which is actually ok with me because I have been able to swim nearly every day this summer and I would not have if he had opened when he was told he could.
Now that I've had time to think I have come up with yet another Disney related tattoo lol. (a hidden Mickey/Frozen blue snowflake)

Here's Baby Yoda

Mickey, Figment, Hula Girl from IASW (I have 2 older sisters and we always said we were the 3 Hula Girls to the left of the boat so we each got one)

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