Disney statement on Walt Disney World entertainment


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A show that already has dated gear. A show that requires a production crew to do regular maintenance on that gear. A show that needed serious technical updates before covid. A show that has old moving lights and needs new lights. A show with water leakage issues. A show that will take many hours of production labor just to get it back to working shape. When effects sit (for months and longer) things don’t just fire up on their own.

That’s why I don’t hold out hope. And I don’t see the company putting the necessary funds into it.
Brutal, but these are straight FACTS. I avoided Fantasmic like it was the plague. Not my job! While I really do love the show... I fear for the worst.


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Here's what I don't get: I went to Universal last week for the 1st time in 5+ years. THEY have entertainment - a lot of it - why can't Disney? Also, it was nice to see the TMs without the face shields - those have to be absolutely miserable for Disney CMs


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Someone tell Pete Werner he better start preparing to lead the Bring Back Entertainment parade (as he says he will if Equity doesn’t return like before).

From what I’m hearing it doesn’t sound good.
I know people in entertainment who are still furloughed at Disney. There is a reason all the equity actors and union musicians went from furloughed to laid off.

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