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Disney Springs Plans: What do they mean?

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Where is this 200 page file?


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My guess is that Disney WANTS to build a basic mall, putting it in competition with the outlets and other Orlando shopping centers.

The reason?


Most feverishly stock up on regular merchandise while in the US, not just souvenirs, because their dollar goes so much further here and they have less retail back home.

A fullscale Disney mall would limit their need to rent a car/taxi and go on a shopping spree at Millenia, Florida Mall, etc.

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It's not ever going to be something people decide to go to Disney for it's just something extra and I think the new design also appeals to locals more as well

I think they are missing the boat (lol) building some sort of peoplemover system from one end to the next - that could be a wow factor if done correctly

Is their any indication of pay per park method or adding busses from the parks to DTD so everyone stops using the SSR busses in the afternoon/evening to get there?
That would be cool on a few different levels but it won't be happening, IMHO. I wish they did stuff like that but Disney just isn't looking to be forward thinking anymore. Way too much risk with that for the current regime.


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The project is being designed by the Boston-firm that built the Americana at Brand in Glendale. On one hand, they know how to do quality outdoor lifetsytle centers ... on the other hand, that's what they are good at. The newest way of looking at malls.

MORE to come ...
Is the entire project being designed/conceived by Elkus Manfredi or is WDI co-producing? One would hope that the unique story-telling/theatricality/historiography that Imagineering can bring to the table would be utilized to create a groundbreaking retail/dining district.

A while ago I, non-seriously, conceptualized converting this whole area (using the 'official hotels' as parking decks) into a big 5th gate theme park, as high-quality parks are where Disney can differentiate (should they have the will), as opposed to the crowded, commonplace mall arena:


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Any idea what, if any, entertainment options would accompany this new re-work? Or unique dining options? Or any non-shopping reated enhancements? I know its probably all hush hush and in the planning stages, but have you heard of any rumblings related to these items?

It can have all the water and topiary it wants, but at the end of the day, if the biggest/only additions are new stores, its a mall, presumably a very nice looking one. And after the Charlie-Foxtrot that was Hyperion Wharf, I'll admit I have become more than just a bit jaded about anything being done to fix what used to be a more diverse set of offerings at DTD.
Hyperion Wharf was haulted because they decided to revamp the entire DTD area rather than just PI. Along with the West Side and Disney Shopping Villiage, new areas will be called things like Gateway, The Landing, The Springs and Town Center.

Plenty of new restaurants with their own entertainment is in the plans and some outdoor entertainment for everyone to enjoy. A large parking structure will free up space for more room to grow. Here are a few retail and food vendors they are looking into at the moment but as always, things can change.


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Looking at the pictures in the leaked plans... how is this *not* a shopping mall? What if anything will set this development apart? Shops and restaurants with a themed overlay... that's been done at malls all over the country for decades now. But they're still malls.

Where is the magic?

EDIT: @raven... sorry, one step behind today. Trader Sams would be a (pale) replacement for the AC but at least it would be something. If it happens. But really, "Food Truck Row?!"

Also, a lot of very vague or generic names on the list. Disney Burger? Italian Restaurant? Waiting to see what actually pans out.


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I appreciate the information (as always) Raven, but at least five of those vendors I can find in my local mall....


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I think this is HUGE and the more I hear and especially see from this the more I absolutely LOVE it (especially being an owner at SSR). Now with that being said, I'm not sure why people are so negative about this... this is NOT a 5th park and I really don't believe this is something that is supposed to attract people to go to Disney who otherwise wouldn't (do people vacate to UNI just because of Citywalk?). I think this is an addition Disney is making that will be great for visitors, and locals. Plus this may help some of the crowds in the parks

I REALLY hope as part of this they find a way to keep people off of the SSR busses from the theme parks as transportation to DTD - hopefully they'll do a pay per park thing and run busses direct from the parks to DTD


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I appreciate the information (as always) Raven, but at least five of those vendors I can find in my local mall....
So? There's a Disney store 1.5 hours from my house too that doesn't mean they shouldn't have the World of Disney there. it works both ways - I think this will be bigger than some of you are negatively thinking - especially by looking at the concept art.


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Wow I definitely can't go to a mall at home, time to book a trip to Disney so I can experience this!

Anyway, is their a timeframe on this? When will construction begin if they do decide to actually go through with this?
once again... this is NOT something IMO to make people want to go to Disney who otherwise wouldn't... just like I doubt the Robinson family isn't saying "we should go to UNI because of Citywalk"
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