Disney Springs development to bring massive expansion to Buena Vista Drive


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Photo update as of Tuesday, March 8. Roadwork is progressing on the Disney bus-only lanes under the pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Buena Visa Drive and Hotel Plaza Blvd.




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I'm starting to think the the dedicated bus lanes will be one way and this will be their exit

If it is going to be one way, then I think this would be the entrance, not the exit. The busses would drive past SSR and pull in the way they do now. But instead of stopping, they would continue to the new bus area. They would exit on to BVB on the other side of Disney Springs to return to the resorts.


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We've had this discussion many times. Look at the overal new site plan and this is almost definitely just a service road for deliveries and trash...like exists between AMC and the orange garage now.


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I wouldn't expect much besides paint and signage. Some "BUS ONLY" stencils on the ground and signs at junctions indicating "DO NOT ENTER" and "WDW BUS ONLY." Also wouldn't hurt to to put a bus symbol on the signs either (for non-english speaking guests).

In most cases that, along with the visual separation and lack of any other vehicles, keeps people out.

Really? In Boston I use the bus lanes as passing lanes :)

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