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Disney revoking AP's if you resell merch


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https://disneyland.disney.go.com/news/mickey-popcorn-bucket/ (BOLD added)

Know Before You Go

  • Guests must present a valid Annual Passport at time of initial bucket and refill purchases. Photo I.D. may also be required.
  • 1 per person, per transaction.
  • Offer only available at select food and beverage locations in Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.
  • Check Passports for blockout dates that may affect admission and the ability to redeem offer.
  • Popcorn refills are not available at Cozy Cone Motel, Downtown Disney District or the Disneyland Resort hotels.
  • Pre-bagged, pre-boxed or flavored popcorns not included in this offer.
  • This is a limited-time offer.
  • Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice.<<
>>Annual Passport types are limited in quantity, and certain types may no longer be available for purchase and/or renewal at any time. Annual Passholders must present their valid Annual Passport prior to purchases to receive any applicable benefits or discounts. Benefits and discounts are determined solely by Disney, are subject to restrictions and exclusions and may be valid at only select locations. The Annual Passports and their benefits are nontransferable, subject to restrictions and change without notice, and may not be combined with any other discount, offer or promotion. Annual Passports are for personal use only, and the passes and their benefits may not be used for commercial purposes or for the benefit of others including, without limitation, the purchase of merchandise with the intent to resell such merchandise or the sharing of benefits with persons who are not the Passholder. See full Annual Passport Terms and Conditions.<<
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And some will still be for sale online soon


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So what happens if you lose your bucket or it gets stolen? Do I go to guest services and have it replaced like Knotts does with refillable cups?


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The thing I don't get with the buckets is can't Disney not refill them? If you bring it back they have to give you any purchased popcorn in a box right?


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The thing I don't get with the buckets is can't Disney not refill them? If you bring it back they have to give you any purchased popcorn in a box right?
If you are talking about Health and Safety Laws. If the popcorn is scooped into the bucket, it is OK so long as the bucket is not placed in the popcorn bin, and the scoop doesn't touch the bucket.

Of course, a clean, new cardboard container can be placed in the bin, and used as a scoop to become a one step process.

Disney does provide the option of not having the popcorn placed into the bucket, but served in the cardboard container. But the Bucket must be shown to get the $1 price.


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>Disneyland’s most avid — some might allege nutty — fans stood in line by the hundreds Friday morning as the park opened, but not to get on a thrill ride. They were there to get their hands on the newest collectible popcorn buckets just released, in the shape of Steamboat Willie, the Mickey Mouse cartoon that started it all 90 years ago.

Vincent Dawson drove from Rancho Santa Margarita during rush hour to stand in line and buy a $20 popcorn bucket for his wife, Vanessa. He was there when the park opened, and still found long lines greeting him as he entered the park.

“I went into the front gate and saw the first two popcorn stands were just flooded — the Haunted Mansion was just ridiculous — so I scouted around and finally found the best of the worst in Frontierland,” Dawson said, as he continued to stand in line after more than an hour Friday morning. He planned to turn around and go home as soon as he got the bucket, so he could make it to work on time.

Thousands of people avidly collect Disney popcorn buckets and are willing to go to extremes to get them. This bucket was most highly prized because it is available only to Disneyland annual passholders and allows buyers to return it and get free refills for only $1 any time they come to the park until March 7. People are willing to wait in line because the buckets are available for a limited time only and often run out.

It was unclear whether Disney’s crackdown on third-party reselling of such collectible merchandise had any effect on the demand, though Keiser said the lines seemed significantly shorter than the last time she waited for a similar promotion.

Keiser said her family loves Disneyland popcorn, so it was worth the wait.

“The buckets are super cute,” Keiser said. “And we love the popcorn. It’s akin to using a coupon on a multiples purchase that you normally wouldn’t buy at the supermarket, but the deal is too good to pass up.”

Rose Keiser, who writes the popular Gothic Rosie fan site on Facebook, drove all the way from Northridge to be there at park opening. She expected to spend around two hours in line before reaching the popcorn cart near the Haunted Mansion.<<
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