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Disney quest demolition watch


Still trying to clear the memorial flowers at the door left by irrelevants who never visited


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Yeah as much as the building is a giant box, there is quite a bit of potentially awkward internal demo they're going to need to do first.

(I'm also curious if there's anything in their they may chose to salvage besides some of the games.)


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I vote for them to be placed in Innoventions to replace Sum of all Thrills or in the old Arcade next to Space Mountain for those that can't ride the actual ride due to whatever so they can build a virtual ride in lieu of!
Wouldn't it be great if that was the real reason they closed the arcade at Space Mountain to make room for Cyber Soace Mountain!
Image credit to @bioreconstruct on Twitter.
The complete carnage on DisneyQuest has started! They've begun to tear up the little archway things and the inside looks like they let the ol' twister from Universal go nuts in there. So long 90's looking building! Hello NBA! Still gonna miss DisneyQuest though.

Not gonna lie this looked pretty awesome, does anyone know if the giant laser thingy got saved? I know Chicago's got theirs salvaged and placed in HKDL's SM.
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