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Disney Parks Annual Attendance History


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I've been accumulating attendance data on the Disney Parks and many others for a long time now and over the last few days, I finally closed a couple of data gaps on a few parks back into the 70's and 60's. Now that I was able to fill in those data gaps I thought I would share for those interested. For me, this is a topic that has always fascinated me, especially getting away from the year-over-year data view and looking at longer term trends which tells a much more interesting story.

I'll be updating all of this data in a few weeks when TEA releases the numbers for 2017 which are usually available in early June. I'll try to update in place here and edit the thread title to reflect when the changes have been added.

If you find any data that is factually inaccurate, please share the correct data so I can update accordingly.

Data Sources:
- Since 1999, the data for all parks was direct from the Amusement Business and the TEA Annual Theme Park Attendance Reports.
- Tokyo Disney Resort data came direct from published reports from Oriental Land Company. The TDR data matches what was reported by Amusement Business and TEA.
- Data for the years before 1999 were derived from a minimum of 2 different data sources I found over the course of a decade of research and compilation. I tried to be sure I always had at least 2 sources for the data before 1999 when there wasn't a common industry source like TEA.

Chart 1- Combined total attendance of all parks at each individual resort property for the last 25 years.

Chart 2- Walt Disney World Resort totals since the property opened in 1971

Chart 3- Disneyland Resort totals since the property opened in 1955

Chart 4- Tokyo Disney Resort since the property opened in 1983

Chart 5- Disneyland Paris Resort since the property opened in 1992

Chart 6- Hong Kong Disneyland since the property opened in 2006
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