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"Disney fever"


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I'm Jonesing... only 3 more days and I can get this monkey off my back.


I pass the time thinking of all the things I'm going to do to break my diet when I get there. It makes me soooo happy.
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I am Timmy

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I am never NOT planning a trip. As soon as we get back from a trip, I am planning the next one. Well, everyone knows the only way to plan it is to know EVERYTHING that is happening or might happen with Disney at all times. That can't happen without constant vigilance, hours spent researching daily while listening to Disney music with something Disney on the TV in the background surrounded by Disney souvenirs and trinkets wearing Disney clothes....... and obsessively watching the countdown clock from this very site that was recently made available (I love it so much) so I can set my Disney alarm to make all the reservations I have planned. Is that a fever?


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It's kind of a constant low-level thing for me all of the time now. An illness really. Affects almost every part of my life. And DH is an enabler.

I've made park music playlists on youtube, I listen to them all day long at work. My favorite video:

I watch ride through videos with the kids, again on youtube. This gets them whipped into a frenzy:

I go to the Disney store at the mall. I always get them Disney gifts for Christmas and birthdays. My daughter's b-day is coming up, so I took her there this weekend to get new princess dresses for our April trip, a Pocahontas dolly and a Merida bow and arrow to try out on her brother. Ha!

I acquire Disney stuff for the house too. Just randomly get in throughout the year, not just buying it at the Parks. I don't have a Christmas tree, I swear I've got a Disney tree. I've got parks dinnerware, original props from the Contemporary in my living room.

The purse I'm wearing today has Mickey and Minnie on it. Most of my t-shirts are from either WDW or DL.

We watch Disney movies all the time. We have at least 75 DVDs. The kids only watch the Disney channels on cable.

And then I just lurk on these messageboards every day. Chat with people when I have something to say. I read the news items on here, wdwinfo, allears and the other gossipy site which must not be mentioned.

DH and I will just have random conversations about the technology used in the parks, poor executive decisions. intellectual property, what we're going to do on our next trip....

But, most importantly, I compulsively plan my trips up to a year in advance. As soon as I get home from a WDW trip, I make a new folder and figure out when we'll be back. Where we'll stay, where we'll eat, which days for which parks, lists of fastpasses I want to get. Price everything out and start saving.

The kids have the fever too. They don't even realize it. We went to DL back in November, over the weekend my daughter started talking about it: 'Member the Goofy ride. It's scary. I wanna go to Disneyland.

And my son was singing "Heigh Ho" while cleaning his room yesterday. DH laughed and blamed me for it.

YES!! This is me and my household to a T!! We are Disney Soul Sisters haha!


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I do all of those things to cure my Disney fever. I've even gone so far as to put Stacey's Must Do Disney on and watch it on a loop as if I was at a Disney resort lounging about in my room!


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Me! Just got back from my latest trip last week. My fever is what made me finally create an account on this forum and start posting :) I've spent the last few days pricing out DVC (decided it's not worth it for me and my value-resort loving family) and AP (totally worth it, going to purchase before my next trip) and trying to think of when I can squeeze another trip in before the big trip for my mom's 70th bday next January.


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Used to suffer greatly, then last trip to WDW in Fall '16, the magic died a bit and I've found the fever is low-grade at the moment. Don't have a trip planned for the World...a first in many years, but other stuff going on with a trip to TDL coming up in April.

When I'm missing my MK and EPCOT too much, I listen to background music from the parks.....:happy:

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