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News Disney extending Walt Disney World Annual Pass duration by an additional month


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I don’t think APs will be sold until Park Pass is d/ced.
What I don’t get is letting people renew, but not letting people buy new ones. It’s definitely easier for them to just shut it down than to figure out who gets to buy passes, since I’m sure one of the reasons is limiting capacity. Maybe they could just sell the highest tiers. It would weed out a few people.


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Edit- never mind. See the discussion in the water park closure thread :).

Am I missing a discussion somewhere else about the platinum plus being axed and refunds being issued for the water park amount for said AP’s? Basically, when your pass expires you can’t renew at the plus level any longer. Didn’t see the topic so figured I’d drop it here. Feel free to move/delete if I missed it!
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Was told by a friend who purchased the $50/a day resident deal that she was asked if she wanted to upgrade to an AP. Wondering if she misunderstood somehow? I'll be at Yacht & Beach today and I'm tempted to ask if buying the $50/a day pass and upgrading is a potential loophole for FL residents but I doubt it. Anyone else hear anything similar?

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