Disney Bus Transportation: Clever Devices Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)


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I spoke with two bus drivers this past weekend: ST and DAK. I learned more about the music loop with the new system.

Based on my discussions with the drivers, the music loop is different with the new system in that it's not continuous like before. When the driver enters the route code into the TCH, the music loop resets according to the destination. For example, if the bus is going to OKW then OKW resort music plays. If the bus is headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios then DHS park music plays. So, in this case, the driver only hears the first 15 minutes or so of the music loop before they arrive and have to enter a new route code. Once the new code is entered, the system resets to the beginning of the music loop.

Saturday night, I asked the ST bus driver who drove me back to the Yacht Club how long the music loop was if it played all the way through. He said he thought it might be as long as three hours. But, he said it didn't matter how long the loop really is because he only hears the first ~15 minutes of it. It's a little comical until you realize how maddening it must be for the drivers to hear the same few songs repeatedly during their shift. It's only when a driver is "on visual" at the end of the night not having to enter route codes when they hear different music.
When certain sounds/noises are part of your job, it gets to a point where you don't really hear them anymore unless you're paying attention to them or something about them changes. I worked in a busy print/copy shop for 10 years and a woodcarving shop for 20...I don't really "hear" those kinds of noises unless I'm listening for them now.


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I agree! Once you get on buses, it isn't as magical anymore!
Wen my daughter was younger, riding the buses was a highlight of a Disney trip for her! We're never on a bus at home, so it was a unique experience.
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