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Disney and Jon Favreau Joining Forces on “The Lion King”

I have to agree that the live action remake thing is getting tapped out. Just because immensely popular animated films yielded immensely successful live action remakes doesn't mean they can just do it to all of them and expect the same results. Mulan is iffy because of the changes to a more serious film. TLM will be very successful, or at least should. We'll see if it can hold up. But beyond that? I don't think so. The early ones that weren't based on the renaissance years were different enough to be seen as fresh (Alice, Maleficent, and Jungle Book). Cinderella wasn't all THAT successful but was a decent hit. However, they deviated from the musical aspect and it was geared strictly to females who enjoyed it. It was never meant to be a 4-tier film and was 2-tier at best. No interest from males whatsoever.

The well will dry out in a couple of years and Disney+ will be the release medium for future remakes. The call has been made by fans and audiences. Despite what will be HUGE success from TLK, Disney has hopefully heard that call which is to make new, fresh stories. Accusations of a lack of creativity and originality have risen and Disney will have to show that they will at least try.

Magenta Panther

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Here's a great article that sums up the difference between the old and new Lion Kings - it spoke to me AND for me:

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