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News Disney and Fox come to terms -- announcement soon; huge IP acquisition

European Union - Done
Australia - TBD
Brazil - TBD. Brazil's Globo (apparently monopoly in Brazil's TV, especially soccer is trying to fight it)
Canada - Done
China - Almost Done
India - Done
Israel - TBD
Japan - TBD
Mexico - TBD
Russian Federation - TBD
South Africa - TBD
South Korea - TBD
Taiwan - Done
Turkey - Done
United Kingdom - TBD
That is a lot further behind that I realized. I'm assuming many of these should be coming in this month. For some reason I thought Australia gave pre-approval conditions last year and that it was essentially done.
That is a lot further behind that I realized. I'm assuming many of these should be coming in this month. For some reason I thought Australia gave pre-approval conditions last year and that it was essentially done.
Those other countries could already be Done, but I couldn't find it. I think in this situation is "no news is good news". We'd likely have heard if one of those countries had blocked it. If Israel, for example, quietly passed it then it's not really newsworthy. Iger will probably give us a further update tomorrow during the quarterly call.
Comcast-NBCU deal set for fresh scrutiny
By Lydia Moynihan, Charles Gasparino November 07, 2018Media

Most recently the American Cable Association (ACA), a lobbying group for midsize cable operators, is turning up the heat on Comcast over its business model. ACA drafted and is planning to send a letter to the Department of Justice asking them to investigate Comcast-NBCU for engaging in anti-competitive behavior, sources familiar with the matter tell FBN

The letter will argue Comcast is exerting price pressure by withholding “must have” programming from local stations, squeezing rival cable distributors by threatening to raise prices. The cable association has been opposed to the Comcast-NBCU deal since day one, arguing the merger has hurt consumers, and ACA has already pressured Congress to address Comcast’s anti-competitive behavior. This letter will be a more targeted effort to change the media landscape—asking Makan Delrahim, Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division, to issue a civil investigative demand that would open a case against Comcast.

The ACA has reportedly been waiting until after midterms to send the letter so it won’t be overshadowed by election news.
Quarterly meeting today. Funny how Igerz detractors no longer provide us with live commentary on these boards. Maybe Ford Exploder will make a surprise return today and start a thread.
Why poke the bear? There are far more interesting conversations around here now than there were then and a diversity of opinions exists here without being stifled by having to take sides on radical teams.
By John Ourand – Sports Business Journal,
16 minutes ago

The Walt Disney Co. will begin accepting bids on Thursday for the group of 22 Fox-branded regional sports networks (RSN) that it is selling, according to sources.

These first rounds of bids will be submitted to Allen & Co., which is handling the sale along with JP Morgan Chase & Co., and meetings to discuss the opening bids will start as early as next week.

Sources expect a deal to close in the first quarter of next year and could fetch around $20 billion.

Disney (NYSE: DIS) started sending the official bid book to prospective buyers four weeks ago. Up to 40 bidders have signed a non-disclosure agreement to look at the RSNs.

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA), which owns eights RSNs, is not submitting a bid, sources said. Neither is Fox Sports (NASDAQ: FOX, FOXA), which has been described in some circles as a front-runner to buy back the RSNs. Fox Sports, which still is managing the RSNs through the sales process, still could be involved in the sales process down the road.

A host of media companies, digital companies, individual teams and private equity groups have showed interest.
South Africa has also approved the deal


1.11 The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) v Twenty First Century Fox, Inc. (21CF) The Commission has approved, without conditions, the proposed transaction whereby TWDC, intends to acquire 21CF. TWDC is a diversified worldwide entertainment company and is globally active throughout the audio-visual content supply chain. TWDC is also active in the supply of advertising TV space, live entertainment, consumer goods, theme parks, music, travel and wholesale supply of TV channel. 21CF is a diversified global company listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market and registered in the laws of USA. 21CF is a diversified global media and entertainment firm and is active in the production and supply of audio-visual content including the wholesale supply of TV channels, advertising space and home entertainment. The Commission found that the proposed transaction is unlikely to lead to a substantial prevention or lessening of competition in the identified markets. Further, the proposed transaction does not raise any employment or other public interest concerns as the merging parties committed that there will be no merger specific retrenchments for a period of 2 (two) years from implementation date of the proposed transaction.
The only major country left is China.
In an interview with CNBC this evening, Iger said there are "only a few countries left". He anticipates a quicker than forecast completion of the approvals, as in June he had said it would take a year. The CNBC reporter asked if Iger thought the trade war would get in the way of Chinese approval, and Iger said "No, I don't see that happening, and I expect a decision from the Chinese Government without any political interference"
I am referring to former poster Ford91Exploder. Some people called him Ford Explorer in the past. He was on here up to May of this year. I said he was banned due to information WDWmagic mentioned in June.

He is the one that always had an ax to grind with Disney and a lot posters got sick of. Members here claimed he was blatantly lying and making up “facts.”
Disney Streaming Service, now officially named Disney+, looks to be pushing National Geographic as the primary Fox presence on there.

I think the Nat Geo stuff makes sense to be on there as it gives more variety to appeal to families.

I wonder what’s going to happen to IP like Avatar. I believe in the cinema Disney will end up rotating the release of the sequels with Star Wars one every other year. But then does it then go to Disney + but under the Fox banner?
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