News Disney After Hours at Walt Disney World (2024)


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Anyone know if Villain's after hours is ever returning? They seem to have relocated some of the characters that were in the 2020 version of the cavalcade to Boo To You this year.
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No surprise, but Disney After Hours will be back in early 2024.
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Maybe unpopular opinion but I wish they’d bring back a hard ticket event like Pirate and Princess. Maybe run FoF at night and some firework show.
If they're going to do these "After Hours" events, I wish they'd take a page out of Disneyland's playbook. Pick a theme and go all out. But that costs money, which apparently TDO doesn't have.


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I'd say it was better, it had dedicated treats, decent cavalcade & stage show. Only thing DL does better is roaming around characters/M&Gs.
FWIW, VAH still has a page on I expected it back this year or last year, maybe 2024 is the charm.

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