Disney’s Q2 (Jan/Feb/Mar) FY 2020 Earnings Results Webcast on Tuesday, May 5, 4:30ET


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Live audio will appear here:



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I'm getting ready for my big moment!

🎶do re mi fa so la ti do🎶

Nice touch instructing your people play "When I'm Older" as hold music for the meeting. I was imagining you singing.

"This will all make sense when I am older
Someday I will see that this makes sense
One day, when I'm old and wise
I'll think back and realize
That these were all completely normal events
I'll have all the answers when I'm older
Like why we're in this dark enchanted wood"


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Actually a bigger hit than what I had expected...since the US disruption was 10 days...

I didn’t get impression business was booming this year prior - however.


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Somehow Disney still turned a profit despite:

* Losing $1.4 billion in potential profit (key word being "potential profit;" they didn't actually *lose* money this quarter)
* Seeing a bump in debt obligations (not quite as big as I feared though)
* Parks being cratered

Interestingly, there's no use of the "going concern" language that other coronavirus-devastated companies are using in their earning report. Why?

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