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Discriminated against FOR wearing a mask ?


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So with mask usage now looking to be weaned out for those who have been vaccinated i have a dilemma. I have been vaccinated, but intend to keep wearing my mask for a little longer - makes me feel a little safer.

However, by wearing a mask i do now risk be associated with as someone who has not been vaccinated - as some sort of anti vaxer rebel of some sort? Will i get evil glares, pointing, whispering behind my back, casual but polite moving away from me, not sitting next to us on attractions? LOL



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I wore my mask when needed. Now that I'm vaccinated, I don't wear it at all. However, where I lived many people didn't wear then anyway, I went to a fesival in the spring before any of the mask requirements were lifted. There were about 500 people there. NOT ONE person wore a mask. No social distancing either. Also, no covid problem here either.

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