News Destination D23 2023


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How bad is it that Test Track sounds the most exciting.
Bad. And even that doesn't look nearly as interesting as they made it sound. It'll probably still be very projection based. And their claims of basing it off WoM elements will probably just be a really vague reference in the background. The art doesn't tell us much either. Like, it looks better than the current version, but it's just a car going through a forest. So I dunno why that excites anyone...


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I loved every announcement. Zootopia show focusing on the bio domes in the Tree of Life is much better than going in Dinoland. South America makes SO much sense. They can fold in animal trails. We get Indy. We get Encanto (they can tell any story they want to tell about animals). The new MK tavern looks great. The new test track looks amazing (I think other rides need it more but MAN it looks good). If they don’t cancel everything, I’m sold. Heck, I even am excited for Country Bears.

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