News Destination D23 2023


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They should have kept dinoland, and made the Indy overlay with a prehistoric related macguffin. Oh and added actual new rides, not just two replacements. And it should be Up, not Encanto, but whatever.


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I know people prefer the Indy version to Dinosaur, but I wish they went with something new, especially since the Indy IP isn't so hot anymore. Surprising.

Sad to drop Moana, because I think the Oceanic theme barely proposed last year sounded really nice.

But I guess this will just be replaced next year with something else anyway?



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"7 out of the top 10 most visited theme parks are Disney Parks. And we did not get there by accident."

Logic then dictates the others did not then either. So take notice to those other three. Because they admitted what a big deal that is without saying it.

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