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Deliveries to your hotel room


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We order groceries from Garden Grocer, and bell services will hold (and refrigerate) the packages and then deliver to your room at your request. They've never charged us, just the tip we give to the bellhop.
I've read this several times in several different places. Enough that we're having them deliver some groceries to us on our trip that's a few days away. I've heard that Wal Mart will also deliver to the resorts

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Stayed at Wilderness Lodge this past Dec-Jan. We ordered soft drinks, lunchables, and cough medicine from Prime Now on separate occasions. There was not an additional fee for the packages. We knew when our orders were delivered via the Prime Now app. From there, we contacted bell services to bring the packages to our room.


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The distinction here to be made is whether it is a fresh grocery only delivery, or just a package being sent to the hotel. Any package arriving by a carrier- USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, DHS, etc addressed on the package to the recipient will be sent to an off site storage facilty until you arrive. It will also cost you $5 per package.
Fresh grocery deliveries made by the company will be held at bell services and you can either pick it up yourself or have bell services deliver it to your room.
Amazon prime now and instacart are considered the later of the two, it is a fresh delivery and will be held at bell services
This. Amazon Fresh is grocery. "Regular" Amazon is not.


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I ordered from Amazon Fresh and never got charged--both at Poly and Coronado. This year, I plan to have Publix via Instacart deliver some subs to me since I will not have a car to go get them myself and my first delivery is free.
Doing the same! Instacart has such affordable delivery fees.


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Last week I saw a lady carrying away two large grocery bags labeled WHOLE FOODS AMAZON PRIME and she was walking away from the Bell Services area to elevators.....did not occur to me that those staying in the DVC units with kitchens could do that...pretty cool but sure there was $$$ to pay....anyhow less expensive than table service for sure. :happy:


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We just (last week) used WalMart grocery delivery, paid like $10 to have it delivered to bell services. Went well.
We also ended up having to using shipt from target to get something we left off the original order, went better.
Both went to bell services, and are "free"+tip.
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