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It seems like projecting something from The Nightmare before Christmas on the Tower of Terror would have been more fitting. They could have started in September like they do with the Haunted Mansion in Anaheim and Tokyo


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Certainly seems like a lot more fireworks in the show than last year.

YES! Two more low pyro spots on the Chinese Theatre and more high pyro than SW AGS has at this time!
If DHS can pull this off every night and this wasn't just a one-off for the media(who knew last night was media night???), I'll expect SW AGS to be at full power stating with Galactic Nights!

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Does anyone know the specific times for the projection show? I see 6:30-8 but I wanna make sure we can see it and have enough time to leave before the fireworks start. Don't want to risk a toddler meltdown.


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Cast are beginning to be informed that Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner will be omitting “Min and Bill” from the name. Making it simply Dockside Diner.
Is this just further evidence Disney wants to cut all ties and references to non-Disney owned IPs in the parks?


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Stopped by last night and again tonight to check out these new additions and I must say I was very impressed. Its so tastefully done and adds so much life to Sunset Blvd. The Christmas decor is lovely and the new tree set up in Echo Lake is gorgeous. Jingle Bell Jingle BAM was freaking fantastically amazing!! For some reason I didn't bother checking this show out last year after the lukewarm reviews, but man oh man, I cannot see what the fuss was about! Loved every bit of it! As far as the holiday treats go, last night I got the White Russian thing at Min and Bills (which I'm convinced had one drop of alcohol and not a smidgen more). Tonight I got the hot chocolate flight and thoroughly enjoyed all three samples. Overall DHS Christmas is much better than the half-azzed mess they had last and I will certainly be visiting weekly to enjoy all they have to offer now!

I thought Jingle Bam was just OK. Not enough pyro and like many of the newer shows I find myself torn between watching just the projections or just the fireworks. I think Happily Ever After is the only one so far that getting closer to striking a balance that doesn’t leave you feeling like you missed out on something.


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I thought there seemed to be decent pyro for JBJB. Not sure what people want (well, I think I know, they'd rather have all fireworks and no projections). I know some are tired of projections with fireworks but it seems like they're here to stay, this is how shows are being presented right now.

HEA is very much a fireworks show as it is a projection show. And they do it well.

JB/JB isn't spectacular but it's not too bad.


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Finally got to see the new holiday version of the Frozen Sing along show today and everyone in my group loved it. I do wish they would have kept the part with her singing Let it Go at the very end but overall it was a lot of fun. :)

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