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December 2012 Roll Call


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Going the 19th to the 27th. First trip at Xmas, but have been there 5 times for the season. Splitting stay between BLT and AK - Kidani. Taking in-laws and nieces along with wife and daughter. Hoping as much of FL is open as anticipated.

Me too! We're staying at BLT for six nights and Kidani for the rest!
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Dec 14-19, first girls only trip (with my 2 grown daughters), first time at Wilderness Lodge (we've only ever stayed at the Polynesian), first time to see Christmas decorations in person!! I am beyond excited!!!!
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Love a little Disney every day!! ;)
I'll be there for the DCP but hoping to get my fiance a discounted room for either 24 or 26 to when I leave.

Don't want to be a downer but they never have discounts for Christmas -New Years. So very very unlikely as that is the most expensive time to go and one of the busiest.
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JillC LI

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December 12th-16th here. Currently booked at Pop but thinking of trying to change to AoA Little Mermaid section (if free dining is offered at all and is offered there). It will be a Hanukah surprise for the kids, and it's killing me to keep this secret, but it will be worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing the holiday decorations for the first time. Friday is our 180 day mark - gotta keep the kids preoccupied while I quietly try to make ADRs!
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Dec. 13th-17th
AoA Little Mermaid ( we got the pin for free dining offer via email). With 6 Adults this is always a money saving offer! We love the quick service aspect because we do not stay still long enough for table service. We get our money's worth out of the park hopper! Some may think AoA will be to kid oriented for our ages but we always feel younger at Disney.
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Still havnt booked it yet but its either the 1st-6th or the 8th- 13th, looking to do AOA LM but really any of the values will work, dont plan on spending much time in the resort, mostly just the parks so dont need to spend a crazy amount of money on the resort. waiting to book to see what kind of deals they might have,
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Our plans right now have us going for Christmas....but with new jobs not sure how this will play out. But I am hoping for sometime around Thanksgiving / Christmas.
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