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DCL Picture Of The Day


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Did they do anything more than the $200 on-board credit and discount on a future cruise?
Yes, they have offered a 20% discount on our next cruise (as long as we book by 2025). I feel that we will avail ourselves of this offer (health allowing).

p.s. This was our second cruise (supposedly to Bermuda) that was diverted; the first one was out of Charleston via Carnival, and again diverted due to a hurricane (in the vicinity). Surprisingly, they offer a lot of the Bermuda cruises in September; not the brightest idea I've heard of (prime times hurricane season).


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The 'Rock' itself - looking into Morocco. The black stripe at the lower left in the picture is an airport runway. A major road crosses this at right angles. They have traffic lights to control the vehicles so there are no collisions.



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Well, I'm not too sure (but I did take the excursion to "HELL" which was quite interesting). It's on the other side of the island.
Not really the other side of the island, they are a few miles apart. The other side of the island is a half hour drive away (and is a lot nicer than the touristy side where the ships all anchor)

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