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Daves' DVC Rentals - What's the catch?

Club Cooloholic

Well-Known Member
I am going by what they have on their site. It does say a 44 point minimum for reservations. Also, the same room I booked would have cost me $497 on Dave's, which is the same price Disney has the room on their site ($422+tax=$497) using the room discount. I rather go with Disney then and be able cancel if needed. To be honest, I didn't even consider Dave's for this one night stay because of the cost per point is too high. I have never paid more than $15 per point.
If ever in a renting mood again let me know!


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WOW, if people are willing to spend up to $14/point, I might start selling my points. The Poly is my home resort.
I don't want to pay that much, but based on how much some pay on Dave's and other sites, $14 per point is not that bad. I would gladly pay less if someone is willing to sell them to me cheaper.
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