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News Date set for reopening of Rafiki’s Planet Watch along with new Animation Experience


Well-Known Member
Anyone know if there will still be characters over there? None are showing up on the app. Meeting Rafiki here has always been a highlight for my kids.


Premium Member
Waiting to see if it will be popular, so throw the absolute least amount of money possible....the problem is because it is so cheap looking, it probably inevitably WON'T be popular, especially if people are familiar with the other versions of this done much better before.

Self-fulfilling prophecy?


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if anyone can get audio or video of the new spiel on the train would love to hear it.....but like others have said cant see this lasting all that long, and why not use the original neat entrance?

insert name here

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I really don't get the negativity here. Sure it looks temporary, but at least the facility is finally being used again, and they added a fun activity to an area that was feeling very stale.

And I bet the goats are thrilled to have visitors again! I imagine they were quite lonely over the past year.

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