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News Date set for reopening of Rafiki’s Planet Watch along with new Animation Experience


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That would make too much sense.

Zootopia is not a movie about animals, it is a movie about social issues that simply uses animals as a cute, creative, and child-friendly storytelling device. Epcot is centered around the progress of humanity and the value of diversity more so than any other park. Rarely do I find myself agreeing with JT but here I do. It’s not a perfect fit but it’s a better fit than in any of the other three parks.

I'm quite familiar with the underlying themes of Zootopia, but thanks for the refresher? Zootopia has nothing to do with the progress and achievements of humanity and our relationship to the natural world. It's an allegory about accepting differences using animals instead of humans. I don't really see how it fits at all.


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It just seems so strange, the park itself is Epcot, lol, (unless they change the name) but at the same time, I guess anything goes at this point? lol

Just kind of felt like they were regurgitating old to us rumors that may not have legs, or I guess they could have legs again (and not like we haven't heard a lot of this ... so just questioning what still has legs, basically). paging @marni1971 @Magic Feather for another rumor control ... when you have the time, no rush and I do hate bothering you both ...

Guess time will tell :joyfull: nothing I guess would really surprise me at this point. I also thought we were told GOTG is the only Marvel going into Epcot. I know a lot of us have fan-rumored Dr. Strange but does that have more legs than we realized? All of these rumors lately! lol. I guess we better put the closed sign up at Epcot ;) ... don't forget according to Clickbait *two* massive pavilions are being demoed .... ;)
Oh, they probably are regurgitating old rumors... And probably little of it is accurate. They don't quite have the track record of this sites' insiders.. 🙂
I'm glad this is coming back but hopefully they stop the annoying guy from talking on the microphone the entire way back on the train. That ruined the entire experience for me.


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I'm excited to see both of these things coming back. It's always good to have more capacity in the park, and I've missed the animation experience since it closed at MGM DHS


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I don't think it's all that bad. Why would they build something permanent if they don't know if it'll be a success or not anyways? Maybe a more permanent structure will happen later on if they deem the attraction to be worth the money to do so.

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