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D23's Fantastic Worlds Celebration

WEDway Inc & Company LLC

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Interesting, an entire EPCOT panel


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Interesting, an entire EPCOT panel
Page with panel summaries:


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Thursday's Panels sounded promising... until I read the descriptions. At best, I'd expect some new info for Harmonious to come out of the Epcot panel and *maybe* a look at the mostly unchanged East side of the spine.

Not really expecting much as far as Harmonious goes. Construction wise, as much as I appreciate Bioreconstruct for the flyover pics, unfortunately that’s gives Disney a reason not to give us updates. I’m sure Disney is well aware of those pictures being posted.
It definitely would be nice to get a new show scene sneak peek and soundtrack snippet... but really aside from new concept scenes, how can they show us much when no testing has begun?

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