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I kind of agree with this. They Have already figured out the magic algorithm for staffing relative to expected guests. That doesn’t require multibillions in investments. They don’t necessarily want more people now - they just want to squeeze more money out of those already coming. Building more capacity in a way is cost prohibitive, with no guaranteed ROI
There’s is no check on Disney until there’s a travel recession.

The fact is there never has been other than that if you study the park history.


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Details on the Marvel events at D23 -

Super news, super fans! With just over a month until Disney’s highly anticipated D23 Expo presented by Visa in Anaheim, California, kicking off September 9, Marvel is unveiling a can’t-miss lineup of panels, stage events, guest appearances, exclusive merchandise, giveaways, and more! Throughout the weekend at D23 Expo, fans won’t want to miss Marvel’s panels and stage events diving into what’s next for Marvel Studios, a celebration of 60 “Beyond Amazing” years of Spider-Man, an exciting current look at Marvel Games, and more. Start planning your powerful weekend of epic adventure with everything Marvel has in store for the Ultimate Disney Fan convention:

The Show Floor

Fans will be able to explore the Marvel Studios Pavilion on the show floor to experience an awesome costume display, exclusive giveaways, a photo activation, and other surprises. Elsewhere on the show floor, the shopDisney booth will spotlight exciting Marvel merchandise featuring the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with a variety of other products at retailer booths during the show.


Marvel DRAW Live!

Friday, September 9, 2–2:30 p.m. PT and Saturday, September 10, 1:30–2 p.m. PT | D23 Expo Live! Stage
Join Brian Crosby, Marvel’s Director of Themed Entertainment, for a real-time, step-by-step tutorial session on how to draw some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes and villains!

Hall D23 Presentation

Saturday, September 10, 10 a.m. PT | Hall D23
As previously announced, filmmakers, celebrity talent, and surprise guests from Marvel Studios will join Lucasfilm and others onstage in Hall D23 to showcase theatrical and Disney+ titles. Going behind the scenes of these studios’ highly anticipated films, specials, and series, attendees will see exclusive footage and be among the first to learn what’s in the works.

Marvel Comics: Celebrating 60 Years of the Amazing Spider-Man

Saturday, September 10, 2–3 p.m. PT | Backlot Stage
Celebrate sixty spectacular, sensational, web-slinging years of Spider-Man! From his humble debut in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15, he wall-crawled his way to international super-stardom. Now, join Marvel’s Executive Spider-Editor Nick Lowe and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski as they team up to trace the comics history of the web-head across six decades—and BEYOND! Tantalizing trivia about the webbed wonder will be shared in this can’t-miss panel, so be sure to swing by! Fans attending will also receive a special exclusive giveaway (while supplies last), to be revealed in the coming weeks!

Signings with Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and Executive Editor Nick Lowe

Saturday, September 10, 5:30–6:30 p.m. PT | Talent Central
Swing by Talent Central to meet Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and Executive Spider-Editor Nick Lowe for a signing opportunity!



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Look, I don't care how much people hate Bob or the current management, but they are not stupid people.

To not think your biggest competitor right down the road opening a massive third park loaded with extremely popular intellectual properties won't affect you wouldn't be stupid of them, it would be mind-bogglingly, earth shatteringly dumb and short sighted. So much so that if that were the case, the shareholders would likely call for the board of directors and Bob to be replaced due to lack of confidence.
They are smart either. They had a good thing going before Covid hit. Since then it's all about profit more then guest satisfaction.


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Disneyland just announced that their cast will be getting new name tags for the 100th anniversary and they can choose their favorite character to be written on it


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They are smart either. They had a good thing going before Covid hit. Since then it's all about profit more then guest satisfaction.
That happened long before Covid.

What they had was an operational “lead” dating from phase 3/4 (depending on how you classify it) 20 years ago where they could handle increases in travel and consumption.

Iger killed that.

Universal has been following the same model since Comcast decided there were “in” circa 2010. So they look a lot sexier than grandma down the street.


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You’re wrong. We need to have a TFR of at least 2.1 or society collapses. You will see in EU lots of pain starting in the next ten years. There will be so many retirees and only so many workers. The crunch placed on families by soaring dependency ratios will leave no room for a trip to DLP, much less flying across the pond to WDW.
It's not our fault the boomers decided to overspawn. Our earth can't sustain this population growth. Europe will be just fine.

Also- "please have kids so they can pay for the retirement of the previous generation" isn't a winning slogan.


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I think the bigger issue is that it’s an attraction about enchanted artifacts and has next to nothing to do with animals. You could easily make it fit in a generic explorer/SEA area or just disconnect it from Dinoland entirely, but it ultimately doesn’t fit in the park.
I think the tie is the intrinsic value of nature and the SEA component would have to be played up. Henry Mystic doesn't have the same "pillager" backstory as say Harrison Hightower, but the concept and vibe still feels appropriate to DAK.


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Don't totally disagree. But quite honestly I don't think AK should be ride heavy. IMO they decided that that park will be a upgraded zoo and environment area. So unless the "add" in AK will also include a total revamp of Dino land, to include a revamp of Dinosaur and a new ride and updated land, I would MUCH rather they spend the money at HS which also desperately needs new rides and put more effort there. Just my opinion though
I often link EPCOT and DAK as experience and environmentally driven parks. The problem is DAK doesn't have corresponding festivals, nor does it really have a venue that could house them in the future. I also wouldn't anticipate any new attractions with live animals, so the park will ultimately be driven by attractions. They need to be smart about these additions, but they are needed.

My personal preference is that Nemo gets evicted and that entire area is used as either a new land, an expansion to Dinoland USA or both. I'd love to see an extinct animals omnimover, I'd love to see Australia, I'd love to see Mystic Manor. More importantly, I'd love to see something of substance and significance in this area.

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Just out of curiosity, has anybody who's been in one of the live action remakes been named a Disney Legend yet?
I don't know the full list exhaustively, but there are some folks present in recent remakes and sequels (e.g. Ming-Na Wen in the Mulan remake, Dick Van and Angela Lansbury in Mary Poppins Returns, etc.) who are Legends, but not as a result of the remakes or sequels.

EDIT: Uh, didn't mean to trigger the censor there, but whatevs.

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