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yeah.. seriously.. the lack of Brazil is the least of my letdowns. They could skip it all together as far as I'm concerned. A big yawn for me.
Unless a ride is attached, I too don’t really care that much about pavilion editions. Having been to most of the countries around World Showcase... gift shops just don’t really cut it. And I’ve already been to several Brazilian steak houses...ironically none of them in Brazil ;)


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Again, I’ll go back to my original point. At that last D23, they announced multiple ‘big rides.’ Tron in MK, SWGE in DHS, Guardians and the Rat for Epcot. None of those are inexpensive. All of them E tickets. And Pandora is relatively young in terms of major builds.

So... why in the world were you expecting it this time around? It’s just not realistic. Not with the cost these things take to build. Or would you rather have Disney cut more corners?

It’s been clear for weeks that the focus was going to be Epcot... the park that needs the most work now. And it’s clear your expectations were too high if you were expecting so much. The makeover of Epcot looked pretty nice to me overall. It doesn’t just need rides.

As for Brazil... The plans were for another pavilion with just a restaurant and gift shop. Maybe the delay will now allow a ride. Who knows? Find your silver lining.

I’ve already said I wish JII were getting a refurb and I’ll stand by that, but with major construction going on everywhere in Epcot, they probably just realized they need what they can to be open.

(Hasn’t it already been said that Poppins will be a ride? Just not an E ticket experience?)
I understand they already announced major expansions two years ago. However, you’re forgetting how long it takes to build these things. If they announced something this year, it’s opening 2023 at the earliest.


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Has anyone else noticed the screenshot of the Disney Genie app? Shows a screen which is meant to be displayed in the park showing 7 Dwarfs with ‘Get directions’ and a bit when it tells you when the wait will be the least (Disney analytics at play) but then a bit which says ‘skip the line get fastpass’. This is in park not before.
Maybe nothing, but Marni’s posts about something toxic comes to mind.....,


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My favorite part of all this today was people screaming bloody murder at the concept at Cirque de Soleil demeaning themselves with IP, as if the greatest success in its history wasn’t their Beatles IP project.

And so, my rant: I’ve sort of gotten to the point of laughing when people around these parts bring up IP, as if Disneyland wasn’t originally absolutely crammed with what we’d now call IP. (And hey, when it wasn’t character IP, it was literally selling the park with corporate sponsorship! But a giant Monsanto logo was better than Moana, right? Frozen in World Showcase is certainly worse than having an actual bra shop on Main Street.)

Incidentally, I’m one of those people who believes keeping Disney characters out of Epcot in the first place was a disastrous and elitist decision that actively sabotaged their entire mission of family-friendly educational content, absolutely crippling an easy way for new visitors to acclimatize to the park. I can’t imagine Walt making that choice in a billion years.


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I understand they already announced major expansions two years ago. However, you’re forgetting how long it takes to build these things. If they announced something this year, it’s opening 2023 at the earliest.
I didn't forget. I just didn’t expect them to go in billions more in the context of what was announced at the last D23. Just because they wouldn’t be complete until 2023 doesn’t mean they don’t have to pay for them in the previous years. And it’s not like they aren’t going to still be paying for those major additions for a long while.

The announcements were exactly in line with expectations for me. Modest additions on top of already announced major additions and a structural makeover of Epcot. Which it needs. Badly.

I’m just a bit nonplussed here. It’s clear to me you were expecting way too much for what was easily already projected as an ‘off year’ for announcements. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were like this going forward. Major followed by modest followed by major ect in a biannual cycle.

And they certainly still touched on a broad swath of subjects... for all parts of Parks & Resorts. Remember, it’s not all about WDW, as much as everyone wishes it could be.


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I mean, I was let down a little that Disney didn’t announce 16 new lands with new rides that are all better than the last....

But honestly .....I haven’t even done the last batch of announced lands yet

Runaway train
Space 220
Rat in France ride
New resorts for dinners

And really looking forward to the new Epcot. Already our favorite park only getting better.

Onward ...(ok, that was corny )


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It seems more than just IP. It is Disney, and specifically Disney animation, coming together with Cirque to develop a unique story/show.
I haven’t been to Cirque at Disney since I was 13. Whatever they are developing sounded interesting. I’ll be especially curious about the new animation. I’m hoping the new show might have some Fantasia like vibes. That’d get me in the door.

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