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News D23 Expo 2017


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Of course they would bring back Paint the Night AFTER I had my first trip to Disneyland and gave MSEM instead which I've already seen like 10 times...


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The transportation thing doesn't make sense, right? They're building the gondolas to take pressure off of the roads (as desperately needed) but then they're gonna fill the roads with Minnie Vans...?
It's interesting how he's not mentioning timelines on anything.
The DVC tower sounds a lot like CSR rather than CBR with the rooftop restaurant.
Theatre in Town's Square maybe?

I'm sad to say that so far this is doing absolutely nothing for my family or me. MMRR (my vote for the acronym) looks meh, the Mission Space restaurant could be something, but we don't care for SW, Marvel, or Tron. And now they're even ruining our home resort in Paris. Bleh.

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