D23 Epcot Forever Poster Series

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I believe the listings on ShopDisney.com specifically said Stacey Aoyama. But Eric Tan has done a bunch of stuff for them in the past as well.

They worked together as a team on the Epcot posters. If you look them up on Instagram (Eric, Stacey), you can see them both posting pics and talking about the posters. Stacey most recently mentions that the first poster she worked on was for Japan.
Did anyone else use gift card for their whole order. Used gift card for all 3 and only got Harmonious. Order in at 12:03AM PST. Didn’t get shipping notice till today
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They have arrived!!!!


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It sure is! Much bigger than I realized too! Now I’m faced with the ultimate challenge, finding a frame lol.
Haha yes that is the challenge. There have been a few posts here with some good recommendations. I ended up re-using and painted over an old frame I had that fit. Michael's has some cheaper options too. That poster looks great in a white frame though 👍

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