News Country Bear Jamboree is getting new songs and acts


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To be fair it could've been a full gut/replacement.


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another way to kiddify everything to the preschool crowd, they dont aim for families anymore, only preschoolers.
but, like others said at least were keeping CBJ, its been on the endangered species list for awhile and could have gone a whole different worse direction. This or some kind of update was suppose to be done for the 50th and didn't happen, so now they are just getting around to it I guess. The art looks good, hopefully the team in charge will do it some justice who knows yet.


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At this point the only thing saving the Country Bears is the price tag on a total re-do with Disney IP like has been rumoured the past few years.

They also might be holding out just to spite Mr. Clickbait, though it's possible the personnel involved in that back-and-forth are no longer with Disney.


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The silver lining is they'll probably go cheap on the retheme and just do new programming and music (like the Vacation Hoedown or the holiday version) rather than altering any of the physical setup, so at least they'll be able to change it back to the real thing someday after this flops.
Perhaps Walt will set it on fire like the Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management. 🙃

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