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Coral Reef for CP Package?


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I need opinions on Coral Reef. We are thinking of choosing there for the CP dinner package since my husband has food allergies and he liked the menu the best and on the day we are doing this we are only coming to EPCOT for dinner and the show so we will be passing through FW anyway to get to WS. Thanks!

Diane Hughess

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We enjoy the Coral Reef nearly every time we visit, not so much for the food, but for the atmosphere. I've never had a 'Wow that was great' kind of meal there. The only other downfall is that every single time we go, we have to wait at least half an hour past our ADR time. Not sure if maybe people linger around to watch the fish? The only other restaurant we have to wait past our ADRs is Le Cellier.


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I'm a big fan of Coral Reef. One of my favorites inside Epcot. The food is good. Nothing spectacular but you'll have a decent meal. The better thing is the atmosphere. Watching the fish in the aquarium is very unique and a ton of fun. I've never had a real problem with my ADR time. We do normally have to wait but generally it isn't anything more than 15 minutes.


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The food is mediocre, but the atmosphere is great.
I think the fact that your husband has allergies and enjoyed the menu is a great reason to pick it.
It won't be on your way anywhere, since it is located in a dead end.


We were not fans of this one when we went on our first trip last summer. Like others have said the food is not all that, but we were seated toward the rear of the restaurant so we did not really get much out of the aquarium.

If you do go I suggest telling the host that you are willing to wait for a seat close to the Aquarium, because to be honest it was really just an afterthought for us up in the nose bleed seats.

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